Will Star Wars: Squadrons be on Xbox Series X? Predictions, Smart Delivery, Backwards Compatibility, Trailer Reveal, and more

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With EA confirming the reveal trailer for next week, the big question is, will Star Wars: Squadrons be on Xbox Series X?

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Let's take a look at what we know so far.

Star Wars: Squadrons on Xbox Series X?


The trailer will be landing next week, Monday 15 June at 16:00 BST (08:00 PT/ 11:00 ET).

We imagine we'll get some answers to some of our burning questions on release date, gameplay, plot, and more - but it looks like we'll have to be patient.

At the moment, there is no confirmation on whether Star Wars: Squadrons will be on Xbox Series X.

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This extends to the current-gen consoles also. However, looking back on previous Star Wars titles from EA, such as Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order & Battlefront II, we could potentially see a release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

But even if there is no explicit Xbox Series X release, owners could be able to use one of the console's next-gen features to their advantage.

Backwards Compatibility


Xbox Series X features backwards compatibility, meaning that you will be able to play Xbox One games on Xbox Series X.

According to news.xbox some titles will even benefit from higher and steadier framerates, alongside other enhancements from the impressively powerful console.

So potentially, some good news even if it doesn't get an Xbox Series X release!

Smart Delivery

Another feature of Xbox Series X is smart delivery. If you download a game on one generation, you'll automatically have the next-gen version.

So, you could theoretically download Star Wars: Squadrons on Xbox One and have it on Xbox Series X for when you decide to upgrade.

What could we expect to see?

EA posted the below picture on Twitter, which gives us a few clues as to what we could expect from the title.

Will Star Wars: Squadrons be on PS5
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THERE'S ALWAYS A BIGGER FISH: Could we see players able to pilot Imperial Destroyers?

A Rebel and Empire pilot make up the centre of the image, and are flanked by some impressive, iconic ships.


X-Wings, Tie-Fighters, and even an Imperial Star Destroyer can be seen, which leads up to think that we could be able to pilot a whole host of different space ships in the title.

Perhaps players will be able to take the Star Destroyer for a spin!

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The artwork also has a somewhat 'retro' feel, looking similar to an old-school poster. Could this be a reference to the absolute N64 classic that was Star Wars: Rogue Squadron?

Or does it indicate that the game will take place across Episodes VI, V & VI?

Answers are coming, so be sure to check back in with us for everything Star Wars: Squadrons and more!

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