Star Wars: Squadrons TRAILER: Start Time, How to Watch, EA Play, Details, and more

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We will be able to see the next title in the popular franchise sooner than we thought, as the Star Wars: Squadrons Trailer has been confirmed.

But when can you see it?

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Star Wars: Squadrons trailer

Originally, the title became known from a leak on the PlayStation Network in March.

star wars squadron
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A SURPRISE TO BE SURE: It was certainly a welcome one though

But now, EA has officially announced that we will be seeing a reveal trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons.

The twitter post on their official account reads that the trailer will be revealed on the 15 June at 8:00 PT or 16:00 BST.

But where can you watch it?

Star Wars Squadrons Trailer 1
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HELLO THERE: The artwork gives us a general idea of what to expect


How to watch

You'll be able to watch the reveal trailer right here, so make sure to set your reminder!

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What could we see at the reveal?

Well, it's too early to tell what we might see, but hopefully we'll get to see some gameplay, along with some plot details.

We're still not sure as to when the game will be set, and after which events in the series.

Tie fighters, X-Wings, perhaps even a few heroes thrown into the mix could be a surprise to be sure...but a welcome one!


EA Play reveal?

With the trailer being set for release ahead of EA Play, we could see some footage at the event.

We're not ruling anything out, as there has yet to be any official running list of titles as of yet!

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