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Star Wars Squadrons Ships and Planes!: X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Millenium Falcon and More!

Star Wars Squadrons is EA's next triple-A title and will be releasing on consoles and PC.

This game will purely focus on air-based combat with a fully-fledged story, as well as immersive multiplayer.

It's still somewhat unclear as to which ships will feature in Squadrons.

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We've put together our top picks for the ships that will be available in Squadrons.


The X-Wing is probably the most iconic Sci-Fi ship ever.

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THE REBELLION - These ships work together to defeat the Empire!


With it's iconic "X" shape wings, this ship is known for featuring in the original Star Wars film, and defeating the Empire!

We've had some practice with the X-Wing in the Battlefront series of games.

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Hopefully, we'll get our hands on Luke's iconic ship as a "Hero" version to get the full Star Wars experience.


The Y-Wing has also featured in quite a few of the Star Wars films.

This Ship is the "Bomber" for the Star Wars universe and allows the Rebels to participate in air to ground combat.


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This ship is slightly harder to master than the X-Wing as you'll be making risky manoeuvres to take out ground forces.

Even though the Y-Wing is less well known than the X-Wing, it still plays a vital role in defeating the Empire.

TIE Fighter

The Tai Fighter is the standard-issue ship for the Empire.

star wars squadrons pre order skins
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THE EMPIRE - THe Empire's fleet is advanced and can take on the Rebels!


We've seen these across almost all of the Star Wars films, as well as featuring in the Battlefront games.

With the iconic ball cockpit, Star Wars fans have grown to love the design.

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The TIE Fighter also has a few variants including the TIE Bomber and Tie Interceptor.

TIE Whisper

The Tie Whisper was introduced with the Reboot of the Star Wars Saga.

This ship belongs to Kylo Ren and features most in Episodes VIII and IX.


Unfortunately, this awesome looking ship was destroyed in Episode IX so won't feature in any future Star Wars content or films.

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We've seen the destruction this can cause, and to take control of this awesome Fighter would be amazing.

Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon was an amazing and iconic sight to see in the original series.

star wars battlefront millennium falcon
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TWELVE PARSECS - The Millennium Falcon will dominate the airspace!


This ship is one of the most powerful in the Star Wars franchise and was piloted by Chewbacca and Han Solo.

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We hope this ship will feature as a "Hero" ship in Squadrons, similar to how these ships are handled in Battlefront.