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Star Wars Squadrons Pre-Order: Price, Editions, PS4, Xbox, PC, Next-Gen, Bonus Content, EA Play, news & more

EA shocked us all when they confirmed that Star Wars Squadrons will be arriving later this year!

The Skywalker Saga may be over, but EA has the replacement to fill the Star Wars shaped hole in your life.

Star Wars Squadrons release date

The new dogfighting game has an official release date of 2 October.

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HERE COMES TROUBLE: Empire inbound!

That means it is likely to arrive before next-gen.

Pre-order & cost

Pre-orders are now available for Star Wars Squadrons.

You can pre-order at most good game retailers, though Amazon is yet to have pre-orders available.

The price will be a highly competitive $39.99, which will be £34.99 in the UK.

Bonus content

What do you get for pre-ordering?

Players will get cosmetics for both New Republic and Imperial fighters and pilots.

star wars squadrons pre order republic cosmetic
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RECRUIT: This flight suit is a pre-order bonus

There are skins for the New Republic Recruit and Imperial Ace - You'll be piloting as both characters in the campaign.

You also get some skins for the starships themselves.

star wars squadrons pre order republic ship skins
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star wars squadrons pre order skins
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Star Wars Squadrons will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. PC gamers will be able to get it through Steam, EA Origins, and Epic Games Store.

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MISSION BRIEFING: Orders are simple... win!

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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EA Play Countdown

We’re mere hours away from EA Play, and we already know that Star Wars: Squadrons will feature in EA’s digital expo!

A gameplay reveal will kickstart the show at 4pm ET / 12am BST and it's sure to give away a load of new info about the upcoming game!

We’ll update our main Star Wars: Squadrons article with any new info from EA Play, but in the meantime, head here to read more about EA Play 2020.

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