Star Wars Squadrons Plot: New Republic, Combat, Release Date, Consoles, EA Play & More

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EA has officially announced Star Wars Squadrons, the upcoming starship dogfighting game with a single-player story.

While very little was revealed about the gameplay in the announcement trailer, we did get a release date to stick in the calendar for later in 2020.

Continue below for everything we've managed to find on the plot, as well as some other important details.

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From the little that we gathered from the trailer, it looks like Star Wars Squadrons' multiplayer will focus on tactical 5v5 combat.

star wars battlefront squadrons space battles
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VAST EMPTINESS: Space will provide the best environment for players to hone piloting skills to defeat the rebels

There will also be single-player modes, but we don't exactly know what features will separate them from each other.

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The story is set in a time that follows the events of Return of the Jedi, where players will be pitted against the remnants of the Empire in the name of the New Republic.

Release Date

Star Wars Squadrons has been confirmed to release on 2 October, and yes, we do mean 2020!

star wars battlefront squadrons
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EXPLOSIVE: Squadrons' late reveal is still set to release before The Skywalker Saga

The game will land on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but it's bad news for Nintendo fans since it doesn't look likely for the Switch.

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That said, LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga has been confirmed for Nintendo's handheld console, and it won't be arriving much later.

When's the next update?

With the huge gaming industry event EA Play coming up, there is a great chance that we could get some more information on Star Wars Squadrons.

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COMING SOON: EA Play will be the first major gaming expo to go ahead in 2020

With the release date fast approaching, a gameplay reveal wouldn't be out of the question, would it?

Our fingers are crossed.

There are some other rumours going around that this game will come with crossplay too, but nothing official from the developers yet.

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