Star Wars: Squadrons Multiplayer - 5v5, Fleet Battles, Dogfights, Crossplay, Rewards, Progression, Trailer, and more

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We saw some epic game engine footage in the reveal trailer, and now we have some exciting details surrounding Star Wars: Squadrons multiplayer - and it sounds absolutely incredible so far.

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Star Wars: Squadrons Multiplayer


The game has a confirmed release date of 2 October 2020, and we see even more of it at the upcoming EA Play - but it's the multiplayer that has us very excited indeed.

Players will be able to choose between both Rebels and Empire sides, and their respective ships.

Expect to jump into a TIE-Fighter and X-Wing, alongside some other iconic space-crafts!

5 vs 5

Star Wars: Squadrons will have 5 vs 5 multiplayer. As the title suggests, you'll be fighting in your own squadron, made up of yourself and four other players.

The reveal trailer showed off both sides' impressive-looking teams of 5, walking that typical 'pilot-walk' side by side to their ships.

It's yet to be confirmed if they have plans to modify this ratio, for instance, will we see smaller or even larger squadrons in the future?

Star Wars: Squadrons Multiplayer
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SQUAD GOALS: Team up with four other pilots to become the ultimate squadron!



Of course, intense dogfights will feature in the game.

These will get you working together as a team to defeat as many opponents as possible.

Not much is known about the intricacies of the mode as of yet, but we could assume it's similar to a team deathmatch style set-up.

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Fleet Battles

Another exciting feature is named Fleet Battles.


With the earlier announcements and reveal artwork, people spotted the familiar sight of an Imperial Destroyer - which with hindsight may have been indicative of this exciting game mode.

This will be a more strategic battle, with the goal of demolishing the opposing flagship.

This sounds incredibly exciting, and we can't wait to commence bombardment on the opposing side!

Star Wars: Squadrons Multiplayer
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ON YOUR SIX: Get your strategy on point and go to town on some huge destroyers!



There is set to be some very enticing rewards for getting stuck into the battle.

There will be cosmetic and gameplay customizations to be earnt. These include new weapons, hulls, engines, and shields to customize performance.

In terms of cosmetics, you'll be able to customize your cockpit, ship exterior, and even the appearance of your pilot!

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Perhaps one of the most exciting announcements is that Star Wars: Squadrons multiplayer will have crossplay.


This will be between Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and will mean that you can get in on the action regardless of which platform you purchase the title for.

There is no news as of yet as to whether the title will be available on PS5 or Xbox Series X. It will be interesting to find out if crossplay extends to the two next-gen consoles as well.


If you haven't already, be sure to check out the trailer in all its glory below!

We'll have even more information for you soon, but for everything Star Wars: Squadrons be sure to check back in with us!

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