Star Wars Squadrons locations: Death Star, Bespin, Hoth and More!

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Star Wars and EA are back with a brand new title, Star Wars Squadrons!

In this game, players will be able to Dog Fight against each other playing as the Rebels and the Empire.

Star Wars is known for its iconic locations, we hope EA can make the most of this and show us some stunning scenes at release!

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Death Star


This is probably Star Wars' most iconic location.

Will Star Wars: Squadrons be on PS5
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SQUADRONS - Take on the Empire's best pilots in EA's next Star Wars game!

Fly like Luke in the trenches of this synthesised star, similar to gameplay seen in Battlefront.

This will probably bring back some much-needed nostalgia for Star Wars' fans!

This crazy location will give players the unique ability to move between close-quarters combat and long-range, open dog fights.

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As you can see, the Death Star has some exciting possibilities gameplay-wise, but will also look stunning visually.


Bespin is probably one of the most stunning locations we've ever seen in the Star Wars universe.

star wars squadrons pre order imperial cosmetic
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BE THE BEST PILOT - Fly the most complex ships to dominate your opponents in the sky!

This is the main reason we can't wait to see Bespin in this brand new title!

Bespin appeared in the amazing "The Empire Strikes Back" film.

Again, old Star Wars fans would get a lot of nostalgia with this location.

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New fans will find the amazing skyscraper (if it can be called that) a stunning feature of this location.


Hoth also features in The Empire Strikes Back, arguably the best Star Wars film.

star wars battlefront squadrons
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THAT REALLY OLD STAR WARS FILM - Watching the AT-AT fall is quite the spectacle, both in the film and in-game.

Here, we saw pilots take down huge AT-AT walkers by wrapping ropes around the legs.

Hopefully, we'll be able to pull the same manoeuvre in-game.

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This could give us some cool objectives in-game other than the standard game modes like Team Deathmatch.


Star Wars has a lot of breathing room when it comes to Space Battles.

star wars battlefront squadrons space battles
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THERE IS NO UP - Use your best piloting skills to defeat the rebels in Space!

We'll likely be getting a few locations that are above iconic planets.

A Carrier Assault game mode would be awesome here. With the Empire and Rebels going head to head.

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We'll have to wait for more information from EA. This may be in the form of a gameplay trailer, so keep your eyes peeled.