Star Wars Squadrons Gameplay: *UPDATED*, New Gameplay Trailer, Details, Empire, Republic, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Combat System, Crossplay, latest news & more

The first trailer for Star Wars Squadrons arrived and gave us a cinematic look at what was to come. But now, we have our official gameplay trailer, which goes into the mechanics of the title in great depth!

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Let's dive in!

New Gameplay Trailer

Feast your eyes on the awesome gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons.

We got a good look at what's on offer, and we can't wait for the hand-on.


Cockpit View

The game will have a number of instruments visible in the cockpit, which you'll have to monitor carefully throughout battles.

Star Wars Squadrons gameplay 1
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FIRST OFF...WHERE'S THE IGNITION? The cockpit has numerous monitors which will aid you in battle


Sensors, components, laser charge, ship status, combat display, power management and speed indicator are all there.

And that's not all...

Customizable Interiors

You'll be able to add your own unique touch on the interiors of your ships, from functional to...well, inspirational?

Star Wars Squadrons gameplay 2
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SHIP MASCOT: Just make sure it secured properly

New Republic vs fallen Empire

It looks like this game will be set after the events of Return of the Jedi.

star wars squadrons empire pilots min
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SQUAD UP: The Empire is coming for revenge

The trailer talks about the New Republic and Empire pilots hearing that "vengeance will be ours".


We saw a lot of combat, and it looks like there are numerous 'styles' when achieving your objective - be it in dogfights or fleet battles.

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OPTIONS: There will be some nice choice on both sides

There is an array of different ships on both sides to choose from, all with their own advantages in combat. You'll get to choose from:



The most flexible choices for battle. Think a standard go-to assault rifle, but in spacecraft form.


All about that speed. Use these to chase down other spacecrafts, and manoeuvre effectively.


As the name suggests, these ships can help keep your team safe and stocked up.



The heavy hitters - massive damage and for aggressive gameplay.

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Release date

We do know that Star Wars Squadrons has an official release date of 2 October.

It will arrive on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam, EA Origins, and Epic Games Store). Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it will be coming to Nintendo Switch.