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Star Wars Squadrons EA Play - Release date, what to expect, trailer & more

EA has officially announced Star Wars Squadrons, an upcoming starship dogfighting multiplayer game with a single-player story.

The game already has a release date, and is available for pre-order.

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With the huge game industry event EA Play coming 18 June, what should we expect from Star Wars Squadrons?


Release Date

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THE DARK SIDE OF LIFE- The Empire stands strong in Star Wars Squadrons

Despite only being announced 15 June, Star Wars Squadrons already has a release date, and is currently available for pre-order.


The game releases 2 October on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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EA Play

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COMING SOON- EA Play will be the year's first big gaming event to go through despite coronavirus


EA Play will give the gaming world a look into many important upcoming EA games. With this announcement, Star Wars Squadrons will likely be one of them.

EA Play begins 18 June at 4pm PT.

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What to expect

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THROWBACK- Star Wars Squadrons looks to keep the soul of starship dogfighting games alive


It would be quite surprising if Star Wars Squadrons doesn't get anything at EA Play, even if it's a quick video clip with no in-game footage.

Since we've already gotten an official reveal trailer for Star Wars Squadrons, we do hope for in-game footage. But at worst, we'll likely get some additional details and a rewatch of the trailer that's already premiered.

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