Star Wars: Squadrons Campaign - Single player, missions, story, plot, release date & more

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Star Wars Squadrons was announced on 15 June, but it has already become one of the most exciting games heading into EA Play, which runs 18 June.

EA Play will be a look into all of the biggest upcoming titles from EA, and we expect Star Wars Squadrons to steal the show.

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Campaign mode

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LOOKING SHARP- The Empire looks well represented, but this may not be the case in campaign

Star Wars Squadrons may have drawn a lot of attention with the announcement of its 5v5 Multiplayer mode, but its campaign should be just as important.

Story content in the Star Wars universe is hard to come by in gaming, a gap only filled in recent years with games like Star Wars Battlefront II, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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For the kind of gameplay Star Wars Squadrons will bring, players will have to dig many console generations back to get even close.

Missons & plot

The finer details of the single-player campaign are yet to be revealed, but we do have a few pieces of information about it.


We know that the game is set after the Battle of Endor and the destruction of Death Star II.

Players will pilot as both the New Republic and Galactic Empire in an "authentic story".

How much player-choice there might be over a final battle we don't know, but we look forward to getting time in as many ships as possible!

We also know that while there will be a lot of original characters, there will be some cameos from familiar faces in the Star Wars galaxy.


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NEXT GEN- This game was great, but Star Wars Squadrons will look much better ahead of next gen

Star Wars Squadrons looks to revive the genre of starship dogfighting. That means flying around with different ships from Star Wars to battle it out to complete goals and kill other ships.

By pitting five pilots against one another with all kinds of different spacecraft including Tie Fighters, X-Wings and more, EA has captured the attention of gamers from many different genres. It can also unite a Star Wars fanbase divided by recent sequel films added to the Star Wars series.

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Release Date

The official release date for Star Wars Squadrons is 2 October. It is, however, currently available for pre-order.

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EA Play

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OPENER- Star Wars Squadrons has been confirmed for kicking off EA Play 2020

EA Play this year will kick off with Star Wars Squadrons. That means we will likely see the exciting game trailer, and maybe even get a new one.

We can also expect to fill in many of the finer details about the game after its EA Play segment.

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