Star Wars Battlefront 2 gets 19 million downloads from Epic Game Store, hits 60k viewers on Twitch

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 is seeing a swell of popularity after it was available for free for a limited period on the Epic Game Store.

Player numbers have increased so much that EA felt the need to thank players for their support.

Battlefront 2 lives again


Star Wars fans were able to pick up Battlefront 2 via the Epic Game Store a couple of weeks ago, and 19 million people took them up on the offer.

The huge swell of players saw EA's servers take a hit, presumably they weren't expecting quite so many people to join.

It was widely reported that the servers couldn't handle the new influx of players, with EA Help stepping in to let people know that Error Messages 623 and 918 would be solved after they scaled up the servers.

After ironing things out, EA have no taken to Twitter to thank so many people for picking up the game.

The publisher reached out to players, saying "Thank you so much for the continued support even after our final content drop" and promised to "watch your careers with great interest!"

It's doubtful that anything may be in the works for Battlefront 2 in the future, but there's always a slim chance after a game gets a revival like this


Battlefront 2 Big On Twitch

The Battlefront 2 community was also pleased that the game hit a viewer count of 60k, which is pretty impressive given how Twitch tends to favour certain games highly.

Battlefront II hits over 60k players on Twitch
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Is this the start of a Battlefront 2 revivial on Twitch?

A post on Reddit showed that for a brief period Battlefront 2 was contending with perennial favourites Apex Legends and CSGO, although many of those views came from popular streamer xQcOW who played the game during one of his regular 10 hour streaming sessions.

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