25 Sep 2020 5:23 PM +00:00

New Star Wars Game: "Project Maverick" leaked on PlayStation Store

2019 saw Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

2020 is set to bring LEGO Stars Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

Well, it looks as if there will be even more Star Wars games to play in the future, thanks to "Project Maverick".

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What is Project Maverick?

An unannounced Star Wars game has been leaked on the PlayStation Store, known as Project Maverick.

The European PS Store's database listing shows the name and even an image of the new Star Wars game.

project maverick
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FAR, FAR AWAY - How long do we have to wait for the next smash Star Wars game?

Those eagle-eyed, and Star Wars geeks, amongst you, may be able to spot and decipher some clues about the upcoming game.


What do we know about Project Maverick?

This promotional image shows an Imperial Star Destroyer and some X-Wing starfighters.

This suggests that the game will take place during the time of the original Star Wars trilogy (Episodes IV-VI).

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If you look even closer, the aerial battle looks to be taking place around the planet Mustafar.

This is the desolate planet of sanctuary to Darth Vader - expect Star Wars' most famous character to appear.

Anything else?

Respawn Entertainment, developers of Fallen Order, recently put out a job advert on their LinkedIn page.

This was for the position of a sound designer for the studio's Star Wars team, a strong suggestion that a sequel to Fallen Order was on the way.

With that being Respawn's best selling game, they would certainly be keen for a follow-up, and now we are led to believe that this job listing was for Project Maverick.

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RISE OF THE FALLEN - Everyone wants to see a sequel already!

If that wasn't enough, Gematsu have reported that the game's background music has been leaked.

It also has as a Play Together parameter of 5, suggesting that the new game will have a multiplayer mode.

There were hopes that it would be a VR game, but that now looks unlikely.

There have also been rumours that this could be a spin-off to Battlefront II, with plenty of speculation in the Star Wars games community.

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