LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: Reddit - Character Speculation, Online Multiplayer, Co-Op, Rumours & More

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The next Lego Star Wars title is finally in the latter stages of development, and it's about time!

The release date is finally set, so a load of rumours and speculation has started to make it's way into conversations about the game.

Will there be online multiplayer? Which characters will feature?

Here we address all of the Reddit community's biggest questions ahead of the game's October launch.



As ever, Reddit is bustling with the latest speculation and rumours about the upcoming game.

Here, we draw light upon some of the more interesting stories and attempt to address some of the biggest questions.

Will there be Online Multiplayer?

A great part of the last game was the ability to play with friends locally, but the Reddit community is curious to see if it will head online.

multiplayer the skywalker saga
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ANY TAKERS? Without an official statement from the developers, it is anyone's guess

We're not the only ones thinking like this, as there is a whole thread dedicated to Online Multiplayer speculation!

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That said, it pretty much confirms everything we knew so far about The Skywalker Saga.

Playing with friends is a large part of Lego games so we can expect to see local co-op gameplay included in The Skywalker Saga.

However, online gameplay isn’t a definite as of yet.

Character Speculation

The developers have said the game will feature “every Star Wars character you can think of”, so it is likely that you will play with every character in the main story at some point.

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ANYONE'S GUESS: Based on how few users have actually heard of these characters, we're expecting the level of detail to be incredible!

However, with the endless amount of characters from the series, there will naturally be a few missing, and one Reddit user has drawn attention to this.

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The recent post actually got a good turn-out, and the most upvoted comment on the thread went to u/WaluigiIsHot, with this statement:

"In my eyes, everyone except for Snoke and Tyranus have next to no chances of getting in the game."

We really do hope that TT Games delivers on their bold plans to include all of the iconic characters in the game.

Local Co-Op

With the next game on its way, we’ve been thinking about the best combos to run (based on previous entries).

lego star wars boba fett
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CLUNKIER THAN EVER: There isn't much longer to wait for the iconic LEGO aesthetic to return to our screens

There are various ways of looking at the character set up, but the best thing to look at is the character’s mechanics.

For example, by pairing Darth Vader’s strong force abilities with Boba Fett’s mobility, you can cover an awful lot of ground quickly.

Alternatively, pairing Darth Maul with general Grievous would allow you to combine Maul's double-edged lightsabre with Grievous’ four.

This would give you a total of six sabres!

For some more great character combo suggestions, head on over to the full article.

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