LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian Battle Pack Pre-Order Guide - The Razor Crest, Baby Yoda, Boba Fett Helmet, Disney+ & more

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The LEGO Star Wars franchise, best known for its stunning visuals and clunky aesthetic, is set to return to consoles in 2020 with The Skywalker Saga.

It might be hard to digest that the first LEGO Star Wars instalment arrived around 15 years ago on the Game Boy Advance, but we are so glad that TT Games is back, and that a game is in development.


However, while we've been patiently waiting for news on the game's development, the first-ever Star Wars live-action series started in November 2019 (on Disney+).

Named 'The Mandalorian', this series followed a bounty hunter on his adventures across the galaxy.

It has just been announced that The Mandalorian’s armoured transport shuttle, The Razor Crest, will become the feature of a 1,023 piece Lego set.

Continue reading below for all the details we have on it, including images and instructions on how to pre-order.

How do I pre-order?

The Razor Crest set, that includes both the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, also includes Greef Karga, Scout Trooper and IG-11.

the razor crest lego star wars

COCKPIT: These two iconic characters from The Mandalorian don't need an introduction

The expansive Lego set will be priced at £119.99 and is available to pre-order on and Amazon.

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It should be noted that three other new LEGO Star Wars sets were announced this week, and their pre-orders were opened too.

This included the Boba Fett Helmet, Stormtrooper Helmet and TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet.


The ship is actually the personal vessel of the Mandalorian, who travels across the galaxy hunting various bounties.

lego star wars pic

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The product description reads as:

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"Fly to the outer reaches of the galaxy in The Mandalorian’s armoured transport shuttle, The Razor Crest!

lego star wars mandalorian

DETAILS: With over 1,000 pieces in the set, no details are being spared!

It’s got everything you need for a mission – a big cargo hold for carbonite bounty, spring-loaded shooters, escape pod… and even a bed to get some rest!

lego star wars set

JUST 5 MORE MINUTES: Below deck quarters are beautifully rendered

When you land, grab the weapons and prepare for battle. Protect the Child and defeat Scout Trooper to prove you are the ultimate warrior!"