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LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: Gameplay - Galaxy Map, Open-world, Combat, Screenshots & more

Fans of the Lego Star Wars franchise will be thrilled with the next title making its way onto consoles for 20 October 2020 and with the most unique take on the game yet, players are in for a monumental treat.

It might be hard to digest that the first LEGO Star Wars instalment arrived around 15 years ago on the Game Boy Advance, and we are so glad that TT Games is back with what will be their strongest LEGO title to date.

Players can start the game at any point in the Star Wars timeline, so jump in anywhere between New Hope and The Rise of Skywalker.

This new way of exploring looks set to make this instalment the most thrilling and immersive yet.

Here is everything you need to know about the open-world galaxy map and gameplay that is set to revolutionise how you play LEGO: Star Wars games.

What we know so far

Details about the game first emerged in 2019 at E3 and made a surprisingly small splash in the gaming world despite coming from a gigantic franchise like LEGO and being a new Star Wars release.

lego star wars the skywalker saga
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A WELCOME CHANGE: The new game looks set to be a revolution at your fingertips.

The reasons for this simply comes down to a lot of people believing that this game would be another rehash of the previous LEGO Star Wars titles and offered little to the imagination and not much to get excited about.

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The LEGO Star Wars formula worked well in the past but nowadays it has become stale and dated, but the Skywalker Saga aims to remedy this, and it's got a very good antidote up its sleeve.

A bigger world to explore

As you are already aware by now The Skywalker Saga is an open-world game and offers an entire galaxy for you to explore and discover new uncharted lands.

open galaxy of planets
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AN OPEN GALAXY: An exciting new galaxy awaits for you to explore

The player can go anywhere on Tattooine or simply blast off into space and visit any other planet that is unlocked.

Like in previous LEGO Star Wars games the iconic side quests and collectables exist, after all it wouldn't be a great LEGO: Star Wars game without the extras to ramp up the re-playability factor.

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Due to it's change in how you play the game, you will no longer have to play the game in a linear mission fashion, as you can now take in the entire Star Wars universe at your leisure.

The galaxy map shows twenty fully explorable planets making for a game with more potential than ever before, and not limited to the linear fashion of the previous games.

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