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The home of sports games

Lego-2K Sports linkup reportedly on the way and WE CAN'T WAIT

It looks like we are set to see a whole new line of sports games as Lego and 2K have reportedly signed a multi-game partnership, according to Video Games Chronicle.

Lego games have been extremely popular in the past with the likes of Batman, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones, but this will be the first in the realms of sports titles.

Shake on it

According to reports, Lego and video game publisher 2K are teaming up to release a new line of sports titles.

Lego is said to be looking beyond the expiry of their exclusivity deal with Warner Bros.' TT Games, with 2K seemingly the perfect partner.

A multi-game partnership has allegedly been agreed upon, with a soccer (football) title the first in line.

A soccer title will then be followed by a new racing game which has been mentioned in job listings last week as an “open-world driving game with a major license”.

A third sports title is also said to be in development and according to sources, it is based on a major sports franchise, likely to be one of the major US sports.

World Cup Fever

A new Lego/Soccer title could arrive in time for the FIFA World Cup later in 2022, and some would call it perfect timing!

Video Games Chronicle has reported that Sumo Digital will help develop the soccer title as 2K looks to engage a younger audience.

There are even rumours that the sports titles could include characters from some of Lego's most popular cross-over games.

Harry Potter and heroes from Marvel and DC are being linked to the games in what could be an epic release later this year.

Superhero Sportsmen

With 2K trying to target a younger audience, we could see some wacky combinations coming from the Lego team-up.

Much like when Nintendo looks to its huge roster of characters to inhabit games, such as with Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, we could see similar games coming from 2K.

A Lego/Soccer title may play it straight, just including the regular little yellow figurines in a fun football game, but that could lay the groundwork for a Lego Marvel vs DC Soccer game.

With superpowers involved to spice up the action, we could see Captain America's Avengers take on Batman's Justice League, in a battle for glory instead of the fate of the world.

Lego Batman
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SUPER SUBS - The Justice League could meet the Avengers on the football field

Use Superman's heat-vision to pop the ball when the opposition is on the attack or the Hulk's strength to bash people off the ball and out of the stadium.

With Nintendo announcing the return of a Mario Strikers game, we could see a battle not just on the pitch but in sales too.

Or how about a Lego WWE combo, with Indiana Jones taking on Han Solo in a grudge match to see who was the better Harrison Ford character.

With 2K having a host of sports games under their umbrella, maybe they could look at the success of Wii Sports and create simplified versions of PGA Tour (Golf), NFL (American Football), NBA (Basketball), MLB (Baseball) and NHL (Ice Hockey), hosting multiple mini-games in one big bundle!

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