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ALL 2022 Qatar World Cup Kits Ranked

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2022 Qatar World Cup logo with England and Wales badges

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is just around the corner, and with the major kit manufacturers releasing their designs, it's time to rank the World Cup kits.

A total of eight manufacturers have pooled together to produce this winter's World Cup kits with Nike, Puma and Adidas making up 27 of the 32 kits on offer in Qatar.

RealSport101's kit aficionado, Harry Smith, is on hand to rank all 30 of the released World Cup kits.

NOTE: Cameroon and Tunisia's collections, produced by One All Sports and Kappa respectively, are yet to be revealed and do not feature on this list.

All World Cup Kits Ranked

30th: Canada (Nike)

Canada is back at the top table of international football for the first time since 1986 and only the second time in its history.

Sadly for them, Nike didn't consider this achievement worthy of bespoke World Cup kits. The fairytale story of the tournament will therefore play the 2022 Qatar World Cup in the same Nike template kits they qualified in. That doesn't sit well with me.

29th: Iran (Majid)

I must confess that I'd never heard of local manufacturers Majid ahead of Iran's 2022 World Cup kit release, and they haven't blown us out of the water with their effort for Iran's World Cup campaign.

Marked down for the same templated design across both shirts.

28th: Costa Rica (New Balance)

New Balance's only presence at the 2022 World Cup will be through Costa Rica, and they've really underwhelmed with this release.

You would've hoped for some more flair given these will be New Balance's only World Cup kits this winter, but a bog-standard template design will have to do for Costa Rica.

27th: USA (Nike)

One of many misses from Nike ahead of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The USA has waited eight years for new World Cup kits, only to be decked out in glorified training jerseys by Nike.

They would be beautiful training jerseys, but training jerseys nonetheless. Furthermore, why on earth is the Nike tick on the sleeves?

26th: Switzerland (Puma)

Come on Puma, let's get you to bed.

Not sure whose idea it was to slap the iPhone calendar app thumbnail onto the front of Switzerland's World Cup away kit, but it hasn't turned out very well, has it?

25th: Portugal (Nike)

The away shirt is actually very impressive, but Portugal ranks this low for having possibly the most frustrating home shirt of all the World Cup kits.

The balance of the shirt looks totally off. There's nothing wrong with an asymmetrical design, but this really doesn't work.

24th: Belgium (Adidas)

Adidas' effort for the Belgium World Cup home kit would be a smash hit if Guy Fieri was partnering Kevin De Bruyne in midfield. Sadly for everyone, he is not, and this kit is pretty ghastly.

Just look at the socks! Why are there flames on the socks?

23rd: Netherlands (Nike)

I didn't think it was possible to mess up a Netherlands home shirt, but here we are. Some redemption for Nike with what is a pretty sleek dark blue away shirt.

You have to respect Nike for straying from tradition for their Dutch World Cup kits, but the shade of orange just doesn't suit. A disappointing entry for a country that has blessed us with some of the greatest international shirts.

22nd: England (Nike)

Where to begin with these? The home has grown on me a little since launch, but it's hard not to long for better given how stunning Nike's effort for the Lionesses was in the summer.

The away shirt is fan service, plain and simple. There's nothing actually wrong with it, but I'd have liked to see something a little more creative from Nike. This feels like a cop-out on all levels.

21st: Wales (Adidas)

A fairly par-for-the-course effort from Adidas here. The home shirt is bland but there's nothing outrageously wrong here.

Given that the home shirt is essentially just a bland Adidas template, the away shirt has done a lot of the heavy lifting. Once again, nothing spectacular, but the collar is a work of art and worthy of a boost in the rankings.

20th: South Korea (Nike)

I had high hopes for the South Korea World Cup kits given the country's track record of producing some stellar shirts in recent times, but these efforts from Nike don't stick with me.

The home shirt isn't bad at all and actually works well with the new Nike template, but the away shirt just feels like a scrapped RB Leipzig third shirt concept. Bonus points for a frankly beautiful crest.

19th: Poland (Nike)

If we're being kind to Nike then it's fair to describe these jerseys as clean. The Poland crest looks beautiful inside of the shield and the trims on both shirts are very satisfying.

Not a massive amount going on here, but bonus marks for the sleeve trim and the neckline on the away shirt.

18th: Morocco (Puma)

Morocco can count itself as a victim of the Puma away shirt template curse. Complete with numbering, the away shirt is sensational, but the fan editions will just look bizarre with nothing to fill the ring.

The reason to discount Morocco's World Cup kits is the red and green home shirt, which looks a little bland and uninspired in contrast to the wonderful away number.

17th: Australia (Nike)

Australia's efforts ranking this high is a pretty damning indictment of Nike's showing with their 2022 World Cup kits. The home shirt is far from interesting with the two-tone gold pattern doing little to help.

The away shirt might be the best implementation of the new Nike template at the tournament though, with the gleaming teal blue complimenting the darker shades of the shirt's main body.

16th: Serbia (Puma)

A dreadfully bland red and gold home shirt is redeemed by one of the better Puma away shirt templates.

Public opinion has been divided on this shirt, to say the least. The gold and white combo is a personal favourite of mine, so this was always going to resonate with me.

15th: Croatia (Nike)

There are three certainties in life; death, taxes, and Croatia producing beautiful home shirts.

Nike really tried their best to ruin the run of brilliant Croatia World Cup kits with this effort, but the sheer elegance of the red and white chequer combo sees the Vatreni survive this asymmetrical migraine of a shirt.

The away jersey is a looker too!

14th: Senegal (Puma)

This is the first real instance of the new Puma template really bringing a shirt to life. Nothing special for the Senegal home shirt, but the Teranga Lions will be decked out in this stunning away number from Puma.

The forest green stripe down the middle is a nice touch and the Senegalese tricolour on the collar is beautiful. How can you argue with that stunning shade of green?

13th: France (Nike)

Two very classy designs for France fans to enjoy this winter, courtesy of Nike. The home shirt brings back memories of their 2014 World Cup jersey and is an excellent demonstration of simplicity can work.

France's away shirt is a work of art. The detailing of the country's landmarks and landscapes blend perfectly to conjure a striking but subtle design, and the famous Tricolore is present at the base of the shirt. Formidable!

12th: Spain (Adidas)


Can we talk about that away shirt? Adidas have cooked up one of the most striking designs at the tournament with Spain's alternative strip, combining sapphire and sky blue tones with a wavey layered design in this stunning effort.

Spain can have some bonus points for a perfectly-executed central badge. Not much to write home about for the home shirt and I would've liked Adidas' classic three stripes to run the full length of the sleeves.

11th: Ecuador (Marathon)

Marathon, who produced some stunning Ecuador kits during the 1990s, are back with their only contributions to the 2022 World Cup kits roster. And what an effort, by the way.

The jagged vertical pattern on the home kit is subtle but enough to avoid accusations of blandness, while the away is a fascinating little number that may or may not hypnotise you if you stare at it long enough.

10th: Brazil (Nike)

Brazil head into the 2022 World Cup with their best shot at winning the competition since their triumph in 2002, and thanks to these Nike designs they'll be doing it in style.

The home shirt appears pretty standard from a distance, but the patterning that runs across the body of the home shirt and the sleeves of the away is a nice touch from Nike. One-button collars though? I thought we were over this, Nike.

9th: Japan (Adidas)

Japan has set a very high standard with their recent kit releases and their 2022 World Cup kits do not disappoint. Another impressive Japan x Adidas collaboration, particularly with the blue home shirt, which features a striking jagged design.

8th: Saudi Arabia (Nike)

Saudi Arabia's crest is one of the smartest in world football, but these efforts from Nike feature this high up on the list for other reasons.

The white and green home shirt is akin to Newcastle's Saudi-inspired 22/23 jersey, with the added flair of a sleek palm leaf pattern running across the shirt. The two-tone green away shirt is even more mouth-watering.

7th: Argentina (Adidas)

If 2022 will be the year that Lionel Messi finally gets his hands on the Jules Rimet trophy, he'll be doing it in one of Adidas' most impressive World Cup designs.

The home shirt is everything you'd want from an Argentina strip and the purple away number is a lesson in how to apply a flame effect to a shirt (yes, we're looking at you, Belgium).

6th: Ghana (Puma)

Puma is currently going through their teenage rebellion phase, first with the bizarre third shirt template that ran across their 2021/22 collections and now these box-design away shirt templates.

Last season's template was widely panned, and rightfully so, but you have to credit Puma for trying something new, especially with Nike trotting out the same lacklustre designs across their World Cup kits. Bravo Puma, this one ain't bad.

5th: Uruguay (Puma)

Just as in 2010, Uruguay defeat Ghana on the global stage, taking the top spot among Puma's 2022 World Cup shirts.

No handballs were required this time round though with Uruguay's collection looking clean thanks to a golden trim on the home shirt, and the best execution of the Puma template on the away.

While the days of Diego Forlan tearing up defences at World Cups are over, and Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez are reaching the twilight of their career, a new generation is blossoming in Uruguay, and they're going to look the part too when they step onto the grass in Qatar.

4th: Qatar (Nike)

It is quite fitting that Nike's cleanest World Cup kits should go to the host nation. The staining pattern on the away shirt is as bemusing as it is unique, but it's the home shirt that earns Qatar such a lofty position in these rankings.

The central badge on the home shirt is executed perfectly and the trim on the sleeves is taken straight from the Qatari flag. This would've been a perfect effort from Nike if the trim extended to the collar of the shirt.

3rd: Mexico (Adidas)

The following three kit collections were a standout top three in my eyes, and Mexico is the first nation up on the podium. We'll start with the home. It's perfect, isn't it? The new badge is an upgrade and the patterning is not too dissimilar to Adidas' efforts for Mexico's 2018 World Cup kits.

Now onto the headliner, the away shirt. Fair play Adidas. Not particularly sure what the pattern is meant to represent, but it helps the shirt to stand out while maintaining the classy design. I can see this being the most coveted shirt of the tournament.

2nd: Denmark (Hummel)

Oh, Hummel, you've done it again. Football's greatest kit manufacturers have delivered once more, producing the classiest designs for the 2022 World Cup.

"But..." I hear you stammer, "they're just plain shirts!"

Look at the numbering! Look at those crests! Need I say more?

1st: Germany (Adidas)

Only winning the World Cup will suffice if Germany is to do these kits justice.

The black and gold colourway. The subtle detailing. The black stripe. The central badge. The collar trim. The three stripes in all their glory. Perfection.

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