What the community wants to see from The Sims 5

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It is rumoured that The Sims 5 will be revealed at E3 2021, but until it officially is, fans are left speculating about what they want to see from the next instalment of the series.

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Here is what the community wants to see from The Sims 5.

Community Choice


In a Reddit post, fans of The Sims gave suggestions as to what they want to see in the game.

This ranges from the graphics, gameplay elements, and just some new additions to the game.

Here are some of the things the community is asking for.

More Realistic Graphics

While it is unlikely we will ever see The Sims look completely realistic, some fans are hoping the next iteration will be less "cartoony".

The Sims 4 restaurant
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REALISM: Fans are calling for the game to look more realistic

With the power of modern PCs and consoles, there isn't a need to rely on cartoony graphics and bold colours taking up large areas to save resources, The Sims has the capability to modernize the graphics and give a more realistic feel to the game, as long as it still keeps its charm that made the series popular in the first place.


Lifelike Gameplay

While The Sims is about creating your own family and having them live their lives, it doesn't truly capture what modern life is like.

The Sims 4 business
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Lifelike: It would be great to see more real world scenarios play out

One user summed up many changes that should be added to the game, including more realistic life events, such as dealing with social workers, debt collectors taking possessions, grounding children for being naughty, and more realistic friendships and relationships.

Since the user hits the nail on the head with a lot of the things many fans would like to see, we're just going to post the entire comment.

"More challenging gameplay, e.g. burglars sneaking into your house, social workers taking your children, repo men coming to take your possessions, animals running away permanently.
More consequences for actions, e.g. kids getting grounded for bad behaviour, Sims wearing casts and crutches after having an accident, teens getting arrested after falling in with the wrong crowd.
More things to do for toddlers, children and the elderly, e.g. finger painting and macaroni art for toddlers, soft play centres for kids, jazz nights at the local bar for the elderly.
More group-based friendships, e.g. when a couple breaks up, it impacts their entire friendship group and the friendship scores also go up and down depending on who sides with who.
More representation of disabilities or other differences, e.g. impetigo, wheelchairs, sign language, blindness.
Basic things integrated into the main game, e.g. washers and dryers, lawnmowers, vacuums, leaf blowers, hosepipes, laundry baskets... just mundane things that add lots of realism to the game."

A Modders Store

Modders are a large part of PC gaming, often creating mods to change the game or cosmetic changes.

It would be great to see a store that creators can upload their cosmetic designs to and be able to monetize it.

One user noted that "EA could just take a cut like Etsy, so it benefits them."

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This is a great idea and it makes you wonder why this hasn't been done already, perhaps it would be difficult to ensure nothing has been plagiarized or uses copyrighted material.