Will The Sims 5 be on PS5? PS5 Showcase TODAY, Release Date, Rumours, Trailer, Latest News & more

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With The Sims 5 having a rumored release date in early 2021, and fans are wondering whether they will see it on PS5.

Let's go over everything you should know.


Latest News - PS5 price & release date announced

The PS5 Showcase didn't disappoint, as Sony finally revealed the details of their next-gen console.

The PS5 will have a staggered release, with North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea getting the console on 12 November while the rest of the world has to wait until 19 November.

PS5 release dates

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However, the console is competitively priced at $499/£449, with the digital edition coming in at $399/£359.

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Will The Sims 5 be on the PS5?

Most likely, yes.

Despite having no fixed date, The Sims 5 looks set to release in early 2021.

thesims5 1

THE SIMS 5: EA is set to breathe new life into the much-loved life simulator.

With the PS5 arriving in November 2020, you’d expect EA will be building a game that utilises the enhancements of next-gen.

When will The Sims 5 come to the PS5?

Here’s the bad news – EA has often stuck to the formula of releasing a new Sims game as a PC exclusive for the first few years.


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Therefore, if we are to see The Sims 5 arrive to any next-gen consoles, it may well be a few years down the line.

the sims 5

NEW GAME, NEW CONSOLE: With next-gen on the way, could EA bring The Sims 5 to consoles early?

However, this isn’t definite and with the PS5 set to revolutionise the gaming world, EA may well adopt a different strategy that encompasses Sony's new console.

How will the PS5 impact The Sims 5?

EA has confirmed that The Sims 5 will be kitted out with better graphics than ever, with much more customisation options to boot.


With the likes of Sony’s PS5 possessing all-new ray tracing, The Sims 5 may well have graphics as you’ve never seen before!

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YouTuber OriginZ has posted an amazing fanmade trailer for The Sims 5 which gives a taste of just how good The Sims 5's graphics could be:

Online Multiplayer might feature!

EA's CEO, Andrew Wilson has revealed that The Sims 5 is likely to have a heavier focus on social features.

With any luck, these social features will be in the form of an online multiplayer mode!


Fans have been desperate for an online Sims mode for years - head here to see what features we want to see!

PS5 Demo

There has been no news on an official demo just yet.

However, it is likely that PC gamers will be able to play an early version of the game before release, using the Origin’s Beta Programme – you can sign up to the programme here.

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With EA’s formula of releasing on PC, then console a few years later – a demo for console is likely quite a long way off.

However, could the arrival of next-gen consoles mean a mix-up for the current Sims formula? Find out more about a next-gen demo here.


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