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The Sims 5 PS4 Price: Latest News, Release Date, Cost, Next-Gen, Trailer & More

We're expecting The Sims 5 to come packed with some brand new features, as well as the return of some old classics that were left out of The Sims 4.

But here, we're discussing what the game will cost when it eventually reveals on PS4, as well as some of the expected content.

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Will it arrive late on PS4?

Here’s where it gets tricky.

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IT'S LOOKING GOOD: The Sims 4 eventually released on PS4 after all


EA has a track record of releasing a new Sims game as PC exclusives for the first few years, before including other platforms into the equation.

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What we're trying to say is, it is likely that The Sims 5 will arrive on the PS4, just don't be surprised if it isn't upon the game's release.

That said, with next-gen coming into the equation before the game releases, everything could change.

What will it cost?

Well, as is the case with most blockbuster releases nowadays, we're expecting a pretty hefty price tag for the upcoming simulator.

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THAT'S NOT PRETTY: Triple-A titles are starting to set gamers back a significant amount


An educated guess would place the game around the £50 price tag, but this will naturally drop after the game releases.

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The game is expected to release on Origin, EA's very own platform for PC players.


We’re yet to see an official trailer for the sim, which we were hoping would be revealed at the recent EA Play event.

However, the well-known YouTuber OriginZ has stepped up to the task, posting a glorious home-made trailer for The Sims 5.

Check it out for a taste of what to expect!

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