The Sims 5 Online Multiplayer: EA hints, New Features, Wishlist, Rumours, Latest news & more

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The Sims community has been desperate for an online multiplayer game mode for years and it looks like their prayers might finally be answered.

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From what we've heard about The Sims 5 so far, online multiplayer is a real possibility - keep reading to find out more.

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Online Multiplayer Features Wishlist

This year CEO of EA, Andrew Wilson hinted that The Sims 5 would have a heavier focus on social features – social being multiplayer, at least that’s what we think…

Players have been dying for multiplayer in The Sims since The Sims Online.

There’s so much potential for a multiplayer mode in The Sims 5 – head here to see what features we want to see!

Online Features


That’s right, the feature fans have been waiting for all these years looks like it could finally arrive on The Sims 5.

In an interview with Forbes, EA's Andrew Wilson revealed that the "notion of social interactions and competition like the kind of things that were actually present in The Sims Online many many years ago [...] will start to become a part of The Sims experience in the years to come".

This means it is looking very likely that online multiplayer will arrive in The Sims 5.

What could online gameplay look like?

You could well be able to visit your friends’ creations for the very first time and hang out together in a similar way to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

the sims 5
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MULTIPLAYER MADNESS: New online features could really enhance gameplay.


It could also mean that you can visit other players’ creations and meet new people which will add an interesting dynamic to the game and could also lead to some sabotage similarly to Minecraft if EA allows for it.

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However, online gameplay isn't the only new improvements to The Sims franchise.

Improved Graphics and New Features

EA has confirmed that The Sims 5 will be kitted out with better graphics than ever, with much more customisation options to boot.

Check out what one fan thinks the game might look like in their self-made trailer here.

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Alongside this will be a bucket load of new features, which has been rumoured to include better vehicles and full neighbourhood customisation.

But when can we expect to pick up the game and get stuck into these amazing new features?

Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no talk of a release date any time soon, so it’s very unlikely we will be seeing The Sims 5 released this year.

The most likely course of action for EA will be to release it early 2021, but there is no fixed release date as of yet.

For now, you’ll have to stick to playing The Sims 4 – check out every cheat on the game to keep yourself entertained!



With so little out about what's to come with Sims 5, fans are still hoping for a demo in the near future.

With next gen consoles still on schedule as of the time of this writing, it may not be very soon, but we should at least expect some word on this potential demo in the next few months.

Whether it comes out on Origin, next gen consoles, or even both remains to be seen.

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