The Sims 5 Next-Gen: Improved Graphics, Customisation, Xbox Series X, PS5, Release Date & more

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With next-gen consoles are on the way, it's fair to say that gamers can't wait to see what The Sims 5 might look like on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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Below we've outlined exactly how The Sims 5 might be impacted by these new consoles.

Will The Sims 5 be on next-gen consoles?

Most likely, yes.

Despite having no fixed date, The Sims 5 looks set to release in early 2021.

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THE SIMS 5: EA is set to breathe new life into the much-loved life simulator.

With the PS5 and new Xbox arriving in late 2020, you'd expect EA will be building a game that utilises the enhancements of next-gen.


When will The Sims 5 come to next-gen consoles?

Here's the bad news - EA has often stuck to the formula of releasing a new Sims game as a PC exclusive for the first few years.

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Therefore, if we are to see The Sims 5 arrive to next-gen consoles, it may well be a few years down the line.

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NEW GAME, NEW CONSOLE: With next-gen on the way, could EA bring The Sims 5 to consoles early?

However, this isn't definite and with both the PS5 and Xbox 2020 set to break new boundaries in the gaming world, EA may well adopt a different strategy that encompasses the new consoles.


How will next-gen consoles impact The Sims 5?

EA has confirmed that The Sims 5 will be kitted out with better graphics than ever, with much more customisation options to boot.

You can check out what one fan thinks the game might look like in their self-made trailer here.

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With the likes of Sony's PS5 possessing all-new ray tracing, The Sims 5 may well have graphics as you've never seen before!

What Unreal Engine 5 means for The Sims 5

The Unreal Engine 5, Epic Games' new game engine, was revealed on a live-stream hosted by Youtube account, thegameawards.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the truly stunning video below:


This video shows Unreal Engine 5 running on a PS5 dev kit, with the visuals outputted through an HDMI cable, so this a truly accurate depiction of what graphics could look like on the PS5 and therefore, maybe even The Sims 5!

Head here for a deeper dive into the all-new Unreal Engine 5.

No EA Play Reveal

The digital version of EA Play will air on 18 June, but unfortunately, there will be no new information about The Sims 5!

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NOTHING TO SEE HERE: The Sims won’t announce any new products at EA Play


The Sims official Twitter confirmed that EA Play will not feature any information about ‘any new products’, meaning we won’t see anything on The Sims 5.

It looks like we’ll we waiting a little longer for an official reveal.

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