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The Sims 5 News: Development Update, New Features, Online Multiplayer, Reddit Requests & More

The long-term success of the Sims 5 lies in what features will return to the gameplay, and which new features will arrive.

Not ones to sit idle, various members of the Sims community around the world have started to wake from their seven-year slumbers to deliver their opinions and predictions.

Here we will address the development update of the upcoming simulator, as well as some of the most sought after features on the internet.

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Release Date

Despite being given the opportunity to address the rumours at June's EA Play event, there's still no official release date for The Sims 5.

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That said, the game is heavily rumoured to reveal in early 2021, so there's a good chance that next-gen gamers will be able to get involved.


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It's anyone's guess as to when we will get our next development update on the Sims 5, and without an official trailer, we have little to go on at present.

However, with lockdown measures beginning to ease in various regions around the world, we could start to see plans being made for upcoming events.

New Features

Here's where it gets tricky for the developers.

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ANYONE'S GUESS: There isn’t enough official information available to assert which features will be included


Naturally, with new releases, developers are keen to leave their footprint on the new title.

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New features will be introduced and dated ones will inevitably be scrapped in order to separate the game from previous entries, but there's an old feature that is in high demand for the next sim...

We are, of course, talking about the open-world that was so cruelly taken from us with The Sims 4.

In a bid to make this old feature more fitting, we're hoping that the developers are designing some form of online multiplayer mode.

While the technology required to pull this off was not exactly available back in 2012, there isn't really an excuse for the current day.

For more features that really ought to be in The Sims 5, head over to the article.

Fan Requests

Now, we've seen a lot of support for ideas like the re-introduction of an open-world, but as ever, Reddit has a bunch of great ideas.

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IT'S PRETTY EXTENSIVE: We had to cut this post off well short of it's real ending


One author, in particular, touched upon the idea of exploration in his post, and we like where they were going with it!

One of the coolest features we've seen in a previous entry was the ability to explore your neighbourhood in The Sims 3, and the introduction of far more "career options" would add to this.

Though the writer is clearly a big fan of all of the wacky features implemented in The Sims 3, we would also like to see this area being explored.

For the full list of Reddit requests, there's a whole article dedicated to them on our site, so check it out!

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