The Sims 4 Latest Patch Notes: New Features, Vacation, Sentiments, Platforms & more

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There's yet another update heading to the Sims 4.

From new vacation features to the addition of sentiments there is plenty to discuss.


Here is what we know.

A Trip Around the World!

There is no limit to where your Sim can go after this latest update.

Your Sim can travel to any of your worlds as long as they have a rental lot within them.

You can ensure your Sim is kept fit and healthy by purchasing any essentials whilst you're on your travels via the "Order Supplies Now" menu that can be found in the rental's mailbox or on your Sims phone.


Those long terms Sims relationships that you develop will now have even more meaning thanks to the addition of a new feature, Sentiments.


Sentiments are formed when Sims share a memorable moment together but, unlike with the pre-existing Relationships, these Sentiments aren't always a mutual feeling.

SIms 4 Relationships
ONE WAY! Not every sim will feel the same sentiments!

One of the Sims could walk away massively in love, whilst the other may not feel a thing at all.

Prepare yourself for some heartbroken Sims!

Building Taken to a New Level

There are plenty of build-related changes coming to the Sims 4 thanks to this latest update.


Platforms are a brand new feature coming to your Build Mode.


They enable you to build rooms at varying heights within a story level and you can access the tools to do so via the "Walls and Empty Rooms" section of Build Mode.

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You can easily adjust the height of a platform in any room in order to pick the exact height that is right for your sim.

You can make it higher if you wish, or you can even dig deeper down and add platforms below the ground thanks to this latest update.


In addition to Platforms, there are 12 new Half-Wall heights available as part of this latest update.

Sims 4 Half Walls 1
NEW HEIGHTS! 12 new Half-Walls are available now

That makes it 19 in total, so no matter what you're building, there should be a Half-Wall height for you!

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