The Sims 4: How to Change Appearance - Edit Sim, Mods, MorphMaker, & More

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In The Sims 4, players are required to play God and take control of their own little world - it really is a great way to melt away the hours of lockdown.

However, in order to change the appearance fo your sim, you'll need to find the right mods to facilitate the process.

We need to be clear that it is perfectly safe to download mods.


Approved creators will never stick malware or viruses into their downloads. since they share a genuine passion for The Sims franchise.

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Continue reading for the best mods that allow you to edit your sim's appearance.


At the heart of The Sims 4 exists a thriving modding community.

sims 4 mods transformations
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UNDER THE SEA: There are mods that allow you to transform the game into a mythical world


These modders are known for their creativity and wild additions to the game.

Some of the best creations can be found at ModTheSims, but we've found a few that will help you to change the appearance of your sim!

How To Change Appearance

You'll need to find the cas.fulleditmode mod in order to change the physical appearance of your character in The Sims 4.

the sims 0 4 change appearance
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OPTIONS: There are plenty of insane mods out there to try!


Once you’ve typed it into the cheat box and activated it, you'll need to press 'X' and 'Circle' simultaneously while on the sim you wish to physically change.

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The 'Modify in CAS' option will then pop up - choosing this option will enable you to change their physical appearance however you want.

For other mods that provide a greater level of customization on your sim's appearance, continue reading below.

Other Mods to Change Appearance

The level of detail that goes into mods in The Sims 4 is extraordinary.

However, there is one particular mod that enables you to sculpt your sim from scratch!


MorphMaker, by CmarNYC, lets you sculpt and shape every inch of your sim to exactly the way you want.

sims 4 mods morphmaker
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GOD COMPLEX: Ever wanted to create a sim completely from scratch? Here’s your chance

Use this mod to change the appearance of normal sims, as well as vampires, aliens, and even pets!

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