The Sims 4: Blooming Rooms Kit officially revealed

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The Sims 4, with the Season of Selves, is getting much bigger. Here's what you should know about the Blooming Rooms kit.

Latest - Blooming Rooms comes out today

The Sims 4 Blooming Rooms kit finally launches today. You can preorder the game right now in advance.


Release Date

The Sims 4 Blooming Rooms Kit will be available at the following times:

  • November 9, 2001, 10 am PST
  • November 9, 2001, 1 pm EST
  • November 9, 2001, 5pm GMT

These kits will be available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, iOS, and Android alike, so no players will be left out.


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Blooming Rooms Kit

Get your green thumbs ready, because this kit is aimed at those people that want homes full of life and nature - players that see their homes like modern sanctuaries.

The Sims 4, Blooming Rooms Kit
Blooming Rooms Kit content.

The Blooming Rooms Kit is inspired by modern gardening and offers a ton of unique designs to find the right fit for your build. So whether your Sims live in a one-bedroom apartment or a sprawling mansion, the Blooming Rooms Kit has some nice decorative options for you that will fit your budget and your space.

This kit contains succulents plants, potted and hanging plants, dangling vines, decorative propagation stations, small fruit trees, a range of flowers, and plenty more.

Also new shelving, tables, and light fixtures will become living decor thanks to this vibrant foliage.


Blooming Rooms Kit is the third of four Kits as part of the current 'Season of Selves' slate. The first two were Fashion Street and Incheon Arrivals.


As with the other Kits, The Sims 4 Blooming Rooms Kit can be purchased for $4.99 on release.

Blooming Room Kit in The Sims 4
More Blooming Rooms Items

What's Next for The Sims 4?

We still don't know exactly what's coming with the final kit of the Season of Selves, but a recent livestream has given out some hints.


So far we know the fourth kit will focus on expanding the boundaries of Sims in The Sims 4, and may include some heavily requested features like new mobility options.

We will undoubtedly hear news about more fresh content later this month - so stay tuned!