Will Sims 5 be Online? - Online Mods, Release date and More!

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It's been six years since the release of Sims 4.

Unfortunately, it seems we'll have to wait another year before we get anything close to a new Sims title.

Much of the current game has been improved over the last few years with content and gameplay updates.

Will some of these features be carried over to Sims 5?

Sims 5 Online

Although there is nothing confirmed, it is unlikely Sims 5 will have online features.

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EA decided to not implement an online game mode in Sims 4. This is likely to target the game towards a younger audience.

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However, it seems Sims has now reached a much older and mature audience, meaning we may see some online features in Sims 5!

Sims 4 Online Mods

For Sims on Xbox and PlayStation, you are unable to play online.

However, fans of the game have implemented mods for PC, which allow players to interact with others.

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This mod is called SimsVIP. Feel free to download the mod so you can experience the closest thing we have to Sims Online.

Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no release date for Sims 5 as of yet.

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It is unlikely we'll get a new Sims title this year. However, fans have speculated Sims 5 will release in 2021.


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