Could The Sims 5 work as a multiplayer game?

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The Sims has been a key part of gaming for over 20 years now, first releasing back in the year 2000.

Since then, millions of gamers have been creating their perfect families and lives in the virtual world.

But after 20 years and four games, is it time EA shook things up a bit with the release of The Sim 5?

Fans of the game are divided on that question.


Could The Sims 5 Work As A Multiplayer Game?

I guess, it very well could do and would probably thrive as such, but should it? Perhaps not.

This question has caused a divide amongst The Sims community after it was asked on Reddit, with some thinking it could work and some thinking it'll take away from what The Sims is.

It would all depend on how it was implemented. If it was done where five people each control a member of a family, maybe not because you'd always be dependent on your friends being online.


But, if you had control of your own family and could interact with many other players and their families, then it very well could work.

The Sims has always been about your family and the life that you build for them, changing that wouldn't fit with what the game is.

However, while you're building your perfect life, thousands of other people are doing the same.

So why couldn't they interact with each other? Invite each other for dinner parties, go to the mall together etc.

Games such as World of Warcraft has thousands of players online at any one time, all on their own individual quests, but they can come together and interact with each other, even doing quests together.

The Sims 5 Could Have A Subscription Model

There are rumours that suggest that The Sims 5 could have some sort of subscription model implemented into it.


As of right now, there is no news on what that could be if it was to be added into the game.

But that could definitely play into the idea of an MMO style Sims game, with either a monthly subscription to play or something similar to Fallout 76 where it is optional but you get extra goodies for subscribing.

It will be interesting to see which direction EA goes in when the game finally does release.