The Sims 5: 3 Online Multiplayer features the game MUST have

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This year CEO of EA, Andrew Wilson hinted that The Sims 5 would have a heavier focus on social features - social being multiplayer, at least that's what we think...

Players have been dying for multiplayer in The Sims since The Sims Online.


I remember being about nine playing The Sims 2, making a household with my brother, taking turns controlling our characters. Not the smoothest of gameplay but it was the closest we could get to multiplayer!

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There's so much potential for a multiplayer mode in The Sims 5, here's what features we want to see!

Co-Op Gameplay

My dream for multiplayer would be the ability to play with friends simultaneously. However, it could get a bit complicated due to multiplayer players controlling one sim.

Sims 5 Multiplayer 1

PLAY TOGETHER STAY TOGETHER: Imagine playing The Sims with your significant other!

Nevertheless, EA could add a lock system which ties certain sims to a specific player, making those sims unplayable for others.


I think this is the ultimate dream for the community, luckily the modders of The Sims are back at it answering players' wishes.

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The Sims Sync mod brings multiplayer to The Sims 4 (this mod was safe at the time of posting but proceed with caution).

Visiting Other Players

Another option could be something similar to Animal Crossing. Players could control one of their own sims and visit a friend's save.

Sims 5 Multiplayer 2 1

TEAM UP: Complete challenges with your friends!


Meaning they would be able to interact with other players but wouldn't be able to interfere with or change their sims, home or save.

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Messaging/Gifting System

The most limited option would be to simply have a messaging and gifting system.

Players are already able to talk through the origin client but it would be cool to be able to send screenshots to each other.

Sims 5 Multiplayer 3

GAME ON: Beat your friends at beer pong!


It would also be interesting to be able to gift to other players, sending simoleons or craftables.

What multiplayer features would you like to see in The Sims 5? Let us know on Twitter!

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