14 May 2021 12:11 PM +00:00

The Sims 4 Update 1.41 Patch Notes

The Sims is a franchise well known for funny patch updates and tonnes of expansions. This month is no different with two separate patch notes on the way.

Last night, a new list was uploaded, showing us some of their plans for the future.

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Patch Notes

Currently, these are a list of concerns the team are working on


Then after this, the second major update should work on the following list


Moving from here, we have the update we received yesterday.

May 13 Update

First off, the new features. The Sims 4 received some new new eye presets that you can see below.

The Sims 4
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After this, the game also received two new hairstyles, the "Retro Style Large Afro" and the "Short Afro".

Bug Fixes

Sims 4

  • We fixed an issue with two of our facial hair offerings, the ymFacialHair_BeardThinGoatee, and ymFacialHair_ChinStrap, as they were making Sims faces wider when applied.
  • The Voodoo Doll’s thumbnail in Sims’ Inventories has been fixed so it doesn’t change appearance when used, as it should not.
  • Simmers in Laptop Mode will no longer see glitch textures when the Easel is placed on the Lot. It was like a glitch in the Matrix, just… visually striking.

Get Famous

  • Sims that saw their Transfer Videos to The More Views Video Station interaction drop from the queue while doing other things will no longer have this occur. Because what is technology but helpful? And why shouldn’t Sims shower and transfer their drone footage whenever they want to amirite?


  • Vampire Sims will no longer be forever Compelled for a Deep Drink. As much as that sometimes might be what Vampire Sims would be compelled to do, they don’t have to. So it is not something that they probably want to have in their interaction queue forever and all time. Forever is a long time...

Country Kitchen

  • The Country Charm Counter will now look correct when getting dirty, and not quite like… it has been taken out of a post-apocalyptic movie set. There is a fine line between dirty, and… well, unrecognizable.