The Sims 4: The easiest and best ways to get cash - Best careers, cheats & more

The most common goal amongst The Sims 4 players is to gain as much cash as possible for their Sims.

The more cash you have in The Sims 4, the more doors you open in your Sims' lives.

After all, If you want to build the perfect house you are going to need stacks of Simoleons to do it - premium furnishings don't come cheap after all.

Here is a handy guide to the best ways to earn cash in The Sims 4.

How to earn the most money from careers

The easiest and most obvious way to earn regular cash for your Sim is for them to have a job.

sim actor
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DREAM JOB: Being an actor could land you the big bucks if you become successful

It provides regular steady income coming into the household and can be potentially lucrative depending on what path your Sim goes down.

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There are various different jobs you can land in The Sims 4, each starting off on a basic level and scaling up as you develop your skills.

Here is a list of the highest earnest professions in The Sims 4:

  • Actor Career ($9800+ per day)
  • Astronaut Career ($3700+ per day)
  • Athlete Career ($3000+ per day)
  • Babysitter Job ($48+ per hour)
  • Barista Job ($25+ per hour)
  • Business Career ($3200+ per day)
  • Criminal Career ($3200+ per day)
  • Critic Career ($2200+ per day)
  • Culinary Career ($2400+ per day)
  • Detective Career ($2100+ per day)
  • Doctor Career ($2800+ per day)
  • Entertainer Career ($2800+ per day)
  • Fast Food Employee Job ($16+ per hour)
  • Gardener Career ($2900+ per day)
  • Manual Laborer Job ($70+ per hour)
  • Military Career ($3300+ per day)
  • Painter Career ($2400+ per day)
  • Politician Career ($2300+ per day, excluding donations)
  • Retail Employee Job ($45+ per hour)
  • Scientist Career ($2200+ per day)
  • Secret Agent Career ($4200+ per day)
  • Social Media ($3100+ per day)
  • Style Influencer ($3000+ per day)
  • Tech Guru Career ($2500+ per day)
  • Writer Career ($2700+ per day, excluding further earnings for popular books)

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There is also the opportunity to earn money from running your own business if you have the Get to Work expansion pack.

sims retail business
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BE YOUR OWN BOSS: A risky pursuit that could pay handsomely if you play it right

But beware, you risk losing money if your business begins to flounder, so make your choice carefully.

Other ways to earn cash

Alongside regular employment, there is also a slew of other opportunities to take advantage of when earning some extra cash.

sim fishing
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FISHING FOR CASH: Even pursuits like fishing can earn you extra cash for your household

Another good thing about these extra side options is that they can be done alongside your regular job to earn you even more cash to pursue your dreams.

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These additional ways to earn cash include: gardening, painting, writing, comedy, programming, fishing and even collecting.

sim throwing money
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LIVING LARGE: Having lots of cash in The Sims 4 opens up many doors

Although, similarly to the careers, all of these have pros and cons that go along with them, and it can take a long time to gain the skill levels required to make decent money.

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However, at the same time, your Sim might as well be doing something productive in their spare time, and a little extra money earned on the side wouldn't go a miss.

Of course, if you don't want to earn money the conventional methods, you can always cheat.

Check out our full cheat guide to find every Sims 4 cheat code.

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