The Sims 4 November Patch Notes and Laundry List

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The Sims 4 has been going for some time and it shows no sign of stopping. As we continue to see updates and new DLC, it makes sense we would get even more patches. Here's what you should know about the latest Sims 4 Patch Notes for November 2021 and what we're expecting to see in the future.

What are The Sims 4 Laundry Lists?

The laundry list is essentially a promise for the future. It is where the devs can show where they plan on moving the game in the future. They give some of the biggest problems fans spot in the game and let them know they're working on it.

This is essentially what comes before the patch notes. It's a good sign for the future of the game

Where is The Sims 4 going next?

Although there are no more expansions planned for the rest of the year, we are receiving regular updates and changes. Hopefully, we will see some news on The Sims 5 sometime soon.


The Sims 4 November Update 1.50 Patch Notes

The patch notes aren't here just yet but they gave the laundry list so here it is.

Here’s the list of the top community concerns the devs are investigating for the game update this month:

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