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The Sims 4 Mobile - How to get Heirlooms, How to sell them, tips, tricks & more

Not only can you play a condensed version of The Sims 4 on your mobile, but it also contains unique features including the ability to collect Heirlooms.

The rarer the Heirloom is, the more money you will score when selling it, so it is well worth looking out for these potentially value money-makers.

Here is everything you need to know about Heirlooms.

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How to get Heirlooms

There are two ways to do get your hands on Heirlooms, with one of them being significantly easier than the other to accomplish.

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The easiest way is to simply buy them in the store.

Buy them in the store

You can do this by using Heirloom Tickets, which you can purchase by using the in-game currency SimCash.

common heirloom
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HEIRLOOMS: Easy to get and an integral part to The Sims Mobile experience

You can also get Super and Luxe Heirloom tickets by selling your duplicate Heirlooms, so it's an easy way of scoring some Heirlooms fast, however, it does limit you in the type of Heirlooms you can get hold of.



Another way to get them is by retirement. Every time you retire a Sim from your household you will receive an Heirloom.

This, however, is not a particularly easy thing to do in the game.

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It can be time-consuming to age a Sim to retirement level, but there are cheats out there to speed up the process.

How to sell Heirlooms

Selling Heirlooms is a very simple process - head to your Heirloom collection box at home, and locate the ones you want to sell.

buying heirlooms in the store
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SHOP TILL YOU DROP: Heirlooms are easy to buy, but there are limits


One downside to this process is that only duplicated Heirlooms can be sold for tickets.

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Below is a chart showing what you can receive depending on the rarity of the Heirloom:

Common Heirlooms 2x Super Heirloom Ticket
Uncommon Heirlooms2x Luxe Heirloom Ticket
Rare Heirlooms4x Luxe Heirloom Ticket

Tricks to get an Heirloom

If you have ever wondered how to get Heirlooms without having to retire and collect traits, this handy little trick may be what you are after.

This trick requires the following:

  • Another The Sims Mobile account (either a friend's account or a dummy account)
  • A Sim (ideally one you want to get rid of)

To start you will need to level up the relationship with your Sim and a Sim on the other account until it reaches level eight.

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Make sure it's a Sim you are fine with getting rid of first.

After that, simply tap 'Request to Move-In' which will bring up the box below.

ask to move in window
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MOVE-IN: This trick will help you significantly speed up the retirement process


Following this, another box will appear confirming this move, simply tap 'Move my Sim' to move out your Sim.

This will allow you to instantly do a normal retirement and therefore receive an heirloom.

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