The Sims 4: How to Download - Best deals, price, PS4, Xbox One, PC & more

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The ongoing lockdowns around the world have seen a huge surge in popularity for The Sims 4, which has even resulted in a new expansion pack!

For those of you who are looking to download the game, keep reading for our guide on how to do so and the best deals for EA's title.

How to Download The Sims 4

There are numerous ways to download The Sims 4 depending on what platform you are using.

If you are wanting to play on PS4 or Xbox One, The Sims 4 is available to download on both the PS Store and Microsoft Store.

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If you are wanting to play on PC however, your best option is to download the game direct from EA.

The game is powered through Origin, which you will need to download to be able to run the game on your PC.

The process is very straightforward - you first start off by downloading the Origin Client for your PC or MAC.

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If you have already purchased the game through EA, the game will appear in your Origin 'My Games' library. Simply click on it and press the play button and you're ready to start your new adventure in The Sims 4.

The best Download deals right now

If you are wanting to play The Sims 4 on PC then you are making a very wise choice, as the price for the Deluxe Version on PC is currently the cheapest price at £11.24.

The Sims 4 on PC
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PC MASTER RACE: It pays to play The Sims 4 on PC right now

If you're looking for The Sims 4 on either PS4 or Xbox One, you will be saddened to find out that the sale on The Sims 4 downloads has now finished and the game is back at its original price.


Both the Xbox One version and PS4 version currently cost £34.99, which may seem a bit steep, but it may be worth shelling out to relive the glory of The Sims 4.

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