22 Jul 2021 5:04 PM +00:00

The Sims 4 Cottage Living Release Date - What To Know

The Sims 4 has come with tonnes of interesting new additions and DLCs to the base formula since its release. Instead of working on The Sims 5 as soon as possible, the team have opted to work on DLC to keep the game running.

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The next expansion, Cottage Living has just released and comes with it lots of ways to play and tonnes of new things to do. Here's what you should know about its release.

Latest - The Latest Expansion Is Out Now

Cottage Living has finally arrived and it gives players the chance to live their cottagecore fantasies.


If you buy it before September 2nd, you can grab a unique preorder bonus.

Release Day

The latest expansion, Cottage Living, releases on July 22nd this year. That means we're mere weeks away from its launch.


You can preorder the pack for yourself right now in order to preinstall it and get everything ready for launch day. If you really want to play it the second it goes live, preloading is the best way of doing so.

Release Time


You can play the game at 10 am PT / 6 pm BST on July 22nd. This means, for people in England, they will only have access to the game very late in the day.

Of course, these decisions can always change somewhat before release. If it rolls around to that time on release and you don't have access to the game just yet, wait a few more minutes and try again. These types of issues are generally about trial and error so they tend to sort themselves out after a while.

Download Size

Unfortunately, we don't know the download size of Cottage Living just yet. Any figures given out this soon will likely change with time as more issues are fixed and systems are changed. Expect a figure here as soon as we find out.