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The Sims 4: 7 Challenges You NEED To Try!

Gamers are eager to hear about The Sims 5, but with a lack of news recently, why not try out some exciting Sims 4 challenges?

Keep reading as we list the best Sims 4 challenges that every fan has to try!

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What Are Challenges?

The Sims community have been making challenges since the series come to our screens in 2001.

Many people who find themselves doing the same thing over and over or getting bored use challenges as a way to break the cycle and do something new.

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ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN: With The Sims 5 in development, make the most of The Sims 4 with these challenges


Most challenges will have a clear set of rules for you to follow, with objectives on the way and usually an end goal.

Here is each challenge with a basic summary of the rules.

The Legacy Challenge

The Legacy Challenge is likely the oldest and most popular of all Sims challenges.

Here are the rules, bearing in mind there are different versions of the challenge, some more in-depth than others:

  • Make a sim and move them onto the biggest empty lot, start them out with 10,000 simoleons
  • This sim will be your founder, they must build a home and acquire wealth in order to support future generations
  • They must find partners and procreate (some variations of the challenge allow adoption instead) to make the next generation
  • You must play this family only for the next 10 generations
  • Each generation has different challenges and goals to keep things fresh and different for better gameplay
Legacy Challenge
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NEXT GEN: The Legacy Challenge is all about family!


The Legacy Challenge is one of my favourites, being someone that loves making families and seeing them grow and change.

It's really interesting to see how each generation looks different, physically and personality-wise through their traits.

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You'll feel pretty accomplished by the end of it with a wealthy family and tonne of history behind them!

You can find the rules and all the information you need on this challenge here.

100 Baby Challenge

Depending on how long you've been playing the sims, you've likely heard of The 100 Baby Challenge.

This challenge is simple and you can probably guess what you have to do from the title:

  • You must have 100 babies in as few generations as you can
  • When you've had a baby with a sim you can have another baby with them, every father must be different, baby daddies galore
  • You can't use any cheats but feel free to age up babies straight away if you wish to
  • The youngest girl born to the founder will continue the legacy when the founder is unable to
100 Baby Challenge 6
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IT'S RAINING BABIES: Can you juggle 100 kids?


This challenge is more for those that want something that isn't too in-depth or intense.

Find the rules here.

Asylum Challenge

Pretty self-explanatory, The Asylum Challenge is all about controlling sims with the insane trait in an asylum:

  • You'll have to create a household of 8 sims
  • All of them must have the insane trait and you have to randomise the other traits (they cannot have the self-assured trait)
  • Randomise their aspirations too
  • Pick one sim to control through the challenge
  • Your goal is to complete the aspiration for your chosen sim, once they have done this, they've proven they're sane enough to leave the asylum
  • You can't use any cheats
  • If you want more interesting gameplay, make the cheapest house possible with one bathroom and the cheapest appliances

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This challenge can be a lot of fun, simply because everything goes wrong and once you accept, you'll enjoy it even more.

Asylum Challenge
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WE'RE ALL MAD HERE: Create your own American Horror Story.


Not only will you have to control your sim and prevent them from dying, but you also have to keep an eye on the other insane sims.

All challenge details can be found here!

Rags To Riches Challenge

The Rags To Riches Challenge is one that you're in for the long haul.

Are you ready for the simoleon grind?:

  • Make a sim with the fabulously wealthy aspiration
  • Purchase a lot of any size, it must be empty
  • Bring your household funds down to zero using cheats (ctrl + shift + c, type testingcheats on, type money 0, then press enter)
  • You must make money in every way you can apart from employment e.g. painting, writing, plopsy, etc
  • Reach your aspiration goal to complete the challenge or aim for 1,000,000 simoleons for a harder version of the challenge
Rags To Riches Challenge
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ENDURE AND SURVIVE: This one might be a bit harder than others!


I love this challenge, it can definitely be difficult at times, starting with nothing and trying to become mega rich.

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It's also really interesting to make money purely through hobbies!

Here are the more in-depth rules.

Black Widow Challenge

If you love an eccentric challenge, this one's for you!

The Black Widow Challenge is all about marrying, killing and making that dollar dollar.

  • Create a young adult female sim with the materialistic, snob and romantic traits
  • Give her the serial romantic aspiration
  • She cannot work and you can't use money cheats
  • Meet a sim and marry him, then throw a dinner party to celebrate
  • Whilst at the dinner find another sim to cheat on your husband with, get caught doing so
  • Find a way to kill off your husband (use this video for ideas)
  • Now marry the person you cheated with
  • Rinse and repeat the above steps, keep tombstones on the lot and try to get 10 to complete the challenge
Black Widow Challenge
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FINISH HIM: Don't get caught in her web!


The Black Widow Challenge has been around a while, as far back as the Sims 2.

For an extreme version of this challenge, can you murder all sims in your game?

There are more rules to this challenge, check them out here.

Apocalypse Challenge

The Apocalypse Challenge story can be whatever you want, for me I always imagine a zombie apocalypse.

For others it's a nuclear explosion which has left radiation as a threat.

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Use your imagination and follow these rules:

  • Create a found sim, this can be a young adult, adult or elder
  • Move into an empty lot and create a 'shelter'
  • This will be a single room with basic necessities, e.g. cheapest bed, toilet and kitchen appliances
  • You cannot leave the lot (for added difficulty don't leave the shelter)
  • If your sim dies of anything but old age, you lose the challenge
Apocalypse Challenge
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THE WALKING SIMS: The AMC series brought to The Sims!

There are different versions of this challenge, this is just the one that I personally follow and find the most fun as it's not as restrictive as other variations.


Runaway Teen Challenge

The Runaway Teen Challenge is probably the hardest of all the challenges I've played.

This one takes patience and hard work as you'll be living off of nature for a while, so if this doesn't sound like you maybe give this one a pass:

  • Create a teen sim (make them look a bit rough for more immersion as they are a runaway), also create their guardian, it doesn't matter how they look as you'll kill them off
  • Buy an empty lot
  • Hold shift + ctrl + c to open the cheat box, type testingcheats true, then select the guardian/control them and enter sims.add_buff buff_Death_ElderExhaustion_Warning into the cheat box, the guardian will now die and you'll be left with the teen alone
  • Bring your household funds down to zero using cheats (ctrl + shift + c, type testingcheats on, type money 0, then press enter)
  • You'll basically have to scavenge and do thing such as fishing to keep yourself alive until you're a young adult
  • The goal is to get a well paying a job, two children and a big house when a young adult
Runaway Teen Challenge
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TEENAGE DIRTBAG BABY: This challenge is deceivingly hard


This challenge is probably the most intense of any on the list, in terms of rules.

Click here for a full explanation of the rules.

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