How to watch the Sims Inside Maxis Livestream

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The Sims has been going for some time and has only gone from strength to strength. With the release and huge support of The Sims 4, it's finally time to look forward to the future. Here's what the Inside Maxis stream is and how to watch it.

What is Inside Maxis?

Maxis is the video game developer behind The Sims. Active for over three decades, they've been part of the games industry for a long time. Inside Maxis is a way for them to show fans what's next for The Sims.

The important distinction between this and previous streams is this is a look into the developers themselves and not a look into The Sims 4 exclusively.

This gives some wiggle room to talk about other The Sims experiences or maybe even hint at The Sims 5. We'll have to wait and find out for ourselves.

When is the Inside Maxis Stream?

The Inside Maxis stream starts on January 18th at the following times:

  • 11 am PT
  • 1 pm CT
  • 2 pm ET
  • 7 pm GMT

We don't know when it is due to end just yet as they haven't announced how long it will go on for. We will update you here if we are told prior to the stream.


Where can you watch it?

There are a handful of central ways you can watch the stream. The first is over on their official Twitch channel. With over 150k followers, this is sure to be a pretty hectic event.

This being said, it's the least hectic way to watch the stream. They also show it over on their official YouTube channel. This has more than 1.5m subscribers so this will be even bigger and more loaded with chatters. If you don't mind getting a little lost in chat, this is a great way to watch it.