Sims 5 Xbox One Price!: PC and Console Price, Content, Release Date and More!

Sims 5 is expected to release at some point in 2021. But how much will it cost?

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Fans are on the edge of their seat to get a release date for Sims 5.

We hope the game will bring new graphical updates alongside awesome new gameplay changes at launch.

Here we cover how much the game will cost on Xbox, as well as the expected content at release.

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Xbox One Price

EA‘s new game will be a triple-A title, meaning the game will probably launch with a £50 price tag.

This will probably be reduced shortly after launch. This will depend on when the game releases, as events like Black Friday and Christmas can affect this.

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The game may release as part of a bundle like EA Access or Xbox Game Pass, allowing you to get the game for a reduced price.

PC Price

EA have their own platform on PC called “Origin“.

sims 4 eco lifestyle waste
CLEAN STREETS – Keep your streets clean and tidy up litter to keep the residents content and happy with their environment.

This is where Sims 5 is likely to release at the launch of the game.

Sims 4 is now available on the Steam platform, meaning the game might get a new lease of life.

Sims 5 will likely follow a similar pattern on the PC platform.

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You’ll also be able to pick up the game from discount sites like G2A if you aren’t able to get the game on sale.


Sims 5 will likely be releasing on next-gen consoles, giving the developers a lot more freedom when it comes to the graphical side of things.

the sims 5 open worldsdd
OPEN WORLD – We hope you’ll be able to explore the world online with your friends in Sims 5!

Unfortunately, if you buy the game on current generation consoles, you won’t get the benefits of the new console.

This said, you’ll still be getting graphical updates to the game as the developers will update this either way.

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Hopefully, EA can include more content at release that is now DLC on Sims 4.

This would make for some amazing gameplay at the launch of the game.

Release Date

There is currently no official release date for Sims 5.

We can expect the game to release at some point next year, as it will feature on the next-gen consoles.

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