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10 Jun 2020

Sims 5 UK Release Date: Platforms, Content and More!

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Release Date and Time

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Sims has had a huge impact on the gaming industry, specifically the Life Simulation genre.

EA and Maxis have continued to implement new content in Sims 4 for around five years now.

With all this content, we're excited to see how and when they implement this into a new title.

Although there is no official release date as of yet, we can make a pretty accurate, educated guess.

Release Date and Time

Unfortunately, we don't have a release date as of yet.

the sims 5 open worldsdd

NEED A HAND - There are definitely some interesting meal options...

We're still waiting for a possible EA event for us to get more details on an upcoming Sims 5 game.

Sims updates and titles release at a specific time for each time zone.

This means the UK should get a Sims 5 title around 12 hours later than some areas of Australia.


Sims games are currently releasing on PC, Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

the sims 0 4 change appearance

CUSTOMISATION - Create your own Sim and look however you want!

If Sims 5 is set for a late 2020 / early 2021 release date, it is very likely the game will release on the next-gen consoles.

This would give a lot of freedom to EA with graphics and gameplay due to improved hardware.

Unfortunately, there are currently no plans for a mobile or Switch release.


Fans have been asking for some extra content at releases like the Cats and Dogs DLC.

sims 4 eco lifestyle neighbourhood

WHATEVER THE WEATHER - Amazing weather systems are implemented into Sims 4 for a more realistic experience!

EA and Maxis have continued to create DLC and content for Sims 4, it would be great to get some of this at the release of Sims 5.

We'll likely see some major updates to graphics and gameplay due to the improved hardware with the new consoles.

Although we don't know of a release date as of yet, the release time will likely be 18:00 GMT.