Will The Sims 5 Be Revealed at EA Play Live This Week?

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Post EA Play Live Update: As it turns out, this was all wishful thinking. The Sims 5 was not revealed at EA Live Play 2021 - hopefully we'll get some news on it soon.

We've written a lot about The Sims 5 over the last few months. We spoken about when it might come out, how multiplayer could work, and even dreamed about a realistic Sims world.

Amongst all that, we've almost forgotten that we need the game to actually be revealed by EA for rumours and dreams to become reality.

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Thankfully, we might not be far away from that at all now. EA Play Live 2021 is just a matter of days away, and a Sims 5 reveal would be a showstopper of an announcement.


Sims 5 at EA Play Live 2021

We know we'll see some more from FIFA 22, Madden 22, NHL 22, and some more of EA Sports' revolving sports titles, which we love here at RealSport, but what else might be revealed is shrouded in mystery.

Expectations have already been tempered by some developers, with Star Wars, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age all confirmed to be absent from this year's show.

We know Battlefield 2042 will feature once more, in anticipation of its release later in the year, and so much has leaked about a new Dead Space that it's almost certainly going to be one of the show's huge reveals.


Otherwise, it's hard to predict what other non-sports games will make an appearance. Apex Legends might have a Season 10 reveal to showcase, Need for Speed could make a glorious return in 2021 and newly acquired Codemasters might have something to show off, but that's it.

That leaves The Sims 5 as the big potential reveal (aside from Dead Space), making EA Play Live 2021 the perfect time for it.


Now, of course, whether it's going to be revealed is pure speculation. It's been almost 7 years since the release of The Sims 4, so now feels like the right time. After all, Maxis has spoken about 'the future of The Sims' in a way that sounds like the future isn't very far away.

How exactly the reveal will happen, we're not sure. A pretty standard trailer, showing off how the game looks and what new features are being included would make a lot of sense, followed by a deeper dive another time.

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What form the reveal takes somewhat depends on how different The Sims 5 is from The Sims 4.

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If multiplayer is going to become a huge component, giving the game more of a live service feeling, EA will want to sell fans on that as soon as possible, so it might take up more and just a couple of minutes of the EA Play Live showcase's 40 minute run time.


Cottage Living Release Date

Also, The Sims 4's next expansion, Cottage Living, releases on the same day as EA Play Live 2021.

Pairing the release of the new DLC with the reveal of the next mainline game could see more players flock to the former out of pure excitement.

If The Sims 5 is revealed, Sims fever will takeover, and what place to return to the series than with the brand new expansion? It's a no brainer.

Of course, we'll just have to wait and see and keep our fingers crossed that The Sims 5 makes an appearance at all.