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Sims 5 Release Date Australia: Release Time, Platforms, New Content and More!

Sims 5 is set to be one of EA's biggest releases!

With the last mainstream Sims game releasing back in 2014, we've now gone 6 years without a new title.

Over the last few years, EA has been adding loads of new DLC and content to Sims, with expansions like Cats and Dogs, and Discover University.

With talks of Sims 5 on the rise. Fans are desperate for more information from EA regarding a release date.

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Release Date and Time

Currently, Sims 5 doesn't have a confirmed release date. There is a lot of speculation regarding an early 2021 release.

sims 4 how to write a song
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DESIGN YOUR HOME - If you have a creative side, definitely jump into Sims 4 and build your dream home!


Sims usually follows the formulae of releasing content at midnight for each time zone, meaning different areas of the world receive content at different times.

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For Australia, this will be midnight of the day Sims 5 releases.

This means Australia will have access to the game around ten hours earlier than the UK and upwards of 18 hours before some regions of the US


Sims 4 is currently available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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GET RICH QUICK - Unfortuenly, you'll have to put in some work if you want to grow your wealth and popularity!


Unfortunately, Sims is not available on the Nintendo Switch and Mobile. However, mobile does have its own stand-alone "Sims Mobile" game.

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It seems Sims 5 will feature on the current Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but may also see a release on the next-gen consoles due to the possible 2021 release.


With Sims 5, we're almost definitely guaranteed to get a graphical update. With a next-gen release, EA have a lot of freedom to make Sims 5 look ultra-realistic.

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FAMILY AND FRIENDS - Grow your family and friends circle in-game and progress your character's career!


With the release of Sims 5, fans want to see more of the DLC content available at release.

A great example of this is the "Get to work" expansion in Sims 4. This gives the player an overhaul of the career system.

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We may also see EA explore online multiplayer, with the possibility of a huge open world that you share with others in your region.

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