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Sims 5 PC Price: Content, Consoles, Release Date and More!

Sims has always been at the top of the gaming industry for many years.

EA have continually supported the development of Sims with multiple titles and DLC for each game.

It's been quite a few years since the release of a brand new Sims title.

Fans have speculated that Sims 5 will release at some point in 2021.

We can't wait to get our hands on a possible next-gen Sims game, so it's safe to say we have our fingers crossed for a release ASAP!

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PC Price

Like most Triple-A titles, Sims 5 is likely to be £50 at release. This would also be in line with the previous release, Sims 4.

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FIND YOUR OCCUPATION - Become skilled in a specific field and climb to the top!


Sims 4 has been massively reduced and you can now pick it up at a discounted price of £7 on sites like G2A.

As more DLC releases, the original game seems to have less content, which is why the game is massively reduced

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You can also buy bundles, which makes buying DLC cheaper, for example, "Bundle Pack 5" gives you two stuff-packs and one game pack for around £34.

It is very likely Sims 5 will follow this same pattern with the release of the full game and future DLC.

Console Price

Sims 5 will also be around £50 on consoles.

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BE THE PERFECT YOU - Create your character and change features like the hair, eyes and mouth.


Similar to PC and Sims 4, the price will likely drop very quickly as DLC is released for the game.

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Due to the expected 2021 release, we can expect Sims 5 to be a next-gen release.


Due to the release on next-gen consoles. EA has a lot of freedom regarding graphical updates, with the possibility of Ray-Tracing features.

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SHOW YOUR CREATIVITY - Build your own house and show off your creativity!


Fans also want more content at release. Expansion Packs like "Dogs and Cats" and "City Living" give the game new content to experience.

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EA have they already created, tested and implanted this content, so getting it into Sims 5 shouldn't be too hard.

Release Date

Unfortunately, we don't have an official release date for Sims 5 as of yet.

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SOCIALISE - Make new friends around town at different clubs and bars!


However, we can expect to see Sims 5 announced later this year with a release at some point in 2021.

With recent lockdown measures, we've seen multiple development studios delay their games.

There is a possibility this has happened for Sims 5 but EA have decided to not speak out about it.

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Whether this will/has happened is unknown, but continue checking in with our release date piece for the latest news.