The Sims 5 Would Look Incredible in Unreal Engine 5

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We're still waiting for the full reveal of The Sims 5, so fans are speculating what we could see from the next entry in the ever-popular series.

While most of the speculation is based on the new multiplayer features and when the game might actually come out, Priymak Elysium on YouTube has imagined what The Sims 5 would look like with ray-tracing in Unreal Engine 5.

Sims 5 in Unreal Engine 5

You can check out the full video below, which is technical demo of sorts and shows what The Sims 5 could look like if it went for realism above all else.


Of course, The Sims series has always adopted a cartoon'y look, so it unlikely that Maxis & EA will ever aim for a look like Priymak Elysium's video, but it's fun to see what potential there is.

After all, the goofiness of The Sims's visuals match the tone perfectly, and sims jabbering on in simlish while wandering around a realistic mountain house would be somewhat strange.

The creator used "Unreal Engine 5 and free kits on the Epic games store" to create the video, and it's even complete with the orbs that hover above your sims in all of the games.


The Future of The Sims

While the video somewhat speaks for itself, so be sure to watch it, the character models and lighting are what stand out.

The sims look more realistic than ever, as does the world they're living in. The video is purely visuals focused too, not showcasing any possible new gameplay features.

It's a brilliant way of theorising how The Sims could look in the future, though, even if it would see a change of tone.

This is almost certainly not something we'll see from The Sims 5, which is likely to be an upgraded and expanded Sims 4 for the most part, but more realistic worlds and characters is something we can keep our fingers crossed for the future.

Hopefully we'll hear more about the game at EA Play Live.