Everything You Need to Know About the Sims 4 Summer Expansion

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The Sims has just got a little bit bigger with a whole new trailer, hinting at the latest expansion pack. Alongside this, we saw a release date and all-new details on what we can see later this Summer.

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Here's what we know

Latest - The Sims 4 Cottage Living Announced

As predicted, we finally saw the reveal for the latest Sims 4 pack, entitled Cottage Living.


It is out on July 22nd and can be purchased ahead of time right now.


The next big pack just got announced and EA have been hinting at something big for a while.


It's natural to assume an expansion would be on the way given one normally comes out around June every year but we now have the formal reveal.

Summer of Sims


Last week, EA and Maxis revealed all new plans for The Sims over the Summer, including new packs, updates, and, most importantly, a whole new expansion.

Let's go over the other bits first. A new kit was announced call called Courtyard Oasis that offers a pretty new area for your house. A new pack was also announced that allowed sims to become home designers as a new career.

After this, they have a new pride-inspired block party, though the details of this are unclear. Finally, new events and three base game updates were promised for the future.

The New Expansion Pack


What you're here for, a new expansion pack, was promised with the tagline "Bond With Nature". Though we know what it is, there are still some things we aren't certain of.

Expansion packs are normally huge for The Sims so this could take us to another continent, unlocking safaris or camping to really get out into nature. It could have all-new mechanics and ways to survive.

Release Date

We have just discovered the pack will launch on July 22nd, just in time for EA Play Live in July.