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The Sims 4: How to get inspired - Tips, tricks, purpose & more

In The Sims 4 getting your Sims to inspired means they'll perform excellently on tasks like cooking and painting, making it an important thing to master for sims going down these career paths.

Inspiration in The Sims 4 may be a tricky thing to reach, but there are several different methods you can explore.

Let's go over all the ways to make your sims inspired in The Sims 4.

How to get inspired in The Sims 4

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LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE- Getting your sims inspired will help them with many different career paths and tasks

In Sims 4 inspiration starts with making sure your sim is happy. That means making sure that you manage any problematic emotions and ensure all needs are met like hunger, comfort etc. Once your sim is up to happy, you're good to go.


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You can gain inspiration from a variety of different things. Some of these include: looking at art on the computer, playing the guitar and violin in specific ways, being mentored in a creative activity, listening deeply to music as a creative sim, and analyzing books as a bookworm sim, but there are plenty more (most coming from different expansion packs).

You can also get a head start using items with inspirational auras, placing them in your sims home in areas where your sims linger more often. Some items that offer this aura include: Postcards, career rewards from creative fields, and paintings.

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Uses for inspiration in The Sims 4

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MUSICALLY INCLINED- Making your sims inspired before playing instruments yields big results


So what exactly does getting your sim inspired, and very inspired, do?

While it may take some work and research to set up properly, getting your sim to motivated and very motivated can immensely help career progress in paths like painting, writing and more by increasing job performance. It can also help tasks and skilling up in these areas.

On top of this, being inspired also unlocks new interaction options like serenade, describe new idea, talk about dreams, and propose crazy scheme.

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