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RuneScape's Duel Arena is no more, Het's Oasis is on the way!

RuneScape is no stranger to massive changes to its landscape in the 20 years it's been dominating the MMO scene. The Duel Arena was introduced back in 2004 and was a primary was for players to battle it out while placing a bet on themselves to take down their opponent.

It wasn't always as straightforward as this and the Duel Arena has been abused a few times during its life. Now, we move on to the next chapter in RuneScape history as the Duel Arena no longer stands tall in the sands of Al Kharid. Het's Oasis is on the way to replace it...

Long Live Het's Oasis

With the removal of the Duel Arena, a two-week-long event began titled Oasis Restoration. Players will be tasked with physically aiding the transformation of the Duel Arena following the tragic earthquake that caused its demise.

The community will work together to transform the PvP arena into a tranquil oasis. Daily tasks are available with rewards being given out for personal and community progression. There are exclusive rewards up for grabs including a new crocodile pet, a new title, desert-themed cosmetic armour and the new resilient 'Gators' footwear.

Runescape resilient gators footwear
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Yeah, they've basically added crocs to RuneScape.

Once the event is over - which is set to be on Tuesday, 18 January - Het's Oasis will be unveiled. It's a brand new skilling area focused primarily on Agility, Hunter and Farming skills. It will also introduce two brand new mini-quests into the game that will see you interacting with the God of Death.

We're excited to see how Het's Oasis fits in with the wider RuneScape 3 experience and how players react to the removal of the Duel Arena. There's always sure to be some part of the player base that has a negative reaction but for many players who are not a fan of updates like these, they tend to stick to Old School RuneScape instead.

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