Old School RuneScape's God Wars Dungeon story concludes with Nex, The Fifth General

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After 11 years, the Old School RuneScape God Wars storyline is concluding with the addition of the fifth and final general, Nex. She's been a long time coming but has finally passed through the voting system. You're going to want to make sure you're ready for anything when going up against this ancient adversary!

If you're new to OSRS, you might not be aware of this... However, with any new content that is added to Old School RuneScape, a vote must be put to the community and it must be passed with at least 75% in favour. Nex's addition to OSRS and the encounter that will mark the end of the God Wars storyline was approved with a decisive 90% vote in favour of its addition.


Nex: The Fifth General coming to Old School RuneScape

The fifth and final God Wars Dungeon general is finally coming to Old School Runescape. The fearsome boss was originally released in January 2011 meaning it's been 11 years since it first debuted.

Groups of up to 80 players can challenge Nex and there is some incredible loot up for grabs such as the Ancient Godsword, Zaryte crossbow ad Torva Armour Set. Loot will be distributed based on performance during the fight so if you're staying back and trying to do the bare minimum, it will be reflected in your loot!


Nex can only be accessed once you've completed the Desert Treasure quest and the mini-quest to unlock the Frozen Door. This area has always been in the game but has been locked and sealed until now.

The suggested level requirements for this fight against Nex in the God Wars Dungeon are 70 Ranged, 70 Strength, 70 Agility, 70 Hitpoints. Nex is available from today - Wednesday, 5 January 2022.

All of this content is members-only meaning you'll have to have an active membership to Old School RuneScape in order to play. You automatically have an Old School RuneScape membership if you are part of the Premier Club for 2022.