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Leagues III: Shattered Relics has launched in Old School RuneScape

The hugely popular Leagues event is returning to Old School RuneScape this week with the Shattered Relics iteration. Starting today through to Thursday, 3 March players can test their skills in this Ironman challenge and race to see how they perform against other players taking on the event.

During the previous event, Trailblazer, over 170,000 players took part and Jagex is hoping that popularity carries over into the Shattered Relics event.

Leagues 3: Shattered Relics begins

This event is only the third of its kind in Old School RuneScape and clearly, the community is happy with how the previous events have been run. This time around, there are some small changes to the format, mainly surrounding the aforementioned Shattered Relics.

Powerful Relics have been shattered across an alternate version of Gielinor and players must earn Relic fragments from skilling, minigames, and defeating powerful bosses. These Relics provide powerful buffs and modifiers to the player’s character, offering the best chance to compete and earn exclusive trophies and rewards.
old school runescape leagues 3 shattered relics
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You'll be placed into a fresh Ironman character and competing to see how long you can last and where you score in comparison to other players. Will you attack the event head-on or take a slower approach to ensure safety at all costs?

You will only have access to a few skills when the game first starts and you complete the tutorial meaning other skills need to be unlocked as you play. The starting skills are Defence, Thieving and Fishing as well as one combat skill of your choosing.

In a RuneScape first, the event will also play into and expand upon the lore of the game taking its meaning to all-new levels. You can find out more about the event, sign up to play and keep track of player progress HERE.

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