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How to get Free Treasure Hunter Keys in RuneScape

It doesn't matter whether you're a noob or long-time player when it comes to RuneScape, you're surely aware of the role Treasure Hunter Keys play in the game.

Depending on whether you're a free player, member or Premier Club extraordinaire, you're treated to daily Keys at no additional cost. Are there ways you can increase the number of keys you have at no additional cost? Let's take a look...

Earning Treasure Hunter Keys in-game

You can earn three free Treasure Hunter Keys each day by completing daily challenges if you are a paid member. These are short tasks that usually take no longer than a few minutes to complete at most.

Runescape daily challenges
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Typically they'll be things like 'Daily Woodcutting 0/10' and all you have to do is cut 10 trees of any kind to complete the task. You no longer have to hand over and materials that you gather to complete the task too which is a nice bonus,

For every three challenges you complete, you earn progress towards a weekly tracker which has other great rewards but no free Treasure Hunter Keys.

Filling in endless surveys

While it's never the nicest way to do things, Jagex does allow you to complete surveys or mindless tasks to earn treasure hunter keys. It's well worth pointing out that this involved handing over a lot of data to a survey provider so if you're uncomfortable with this, then don't even both.

runescape earning keys
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The tasks can include signing up for free trials and entering the competition but unless you have shell email accounts and details to use, again it's probably not worth the return.

Complete Quests

Completing quests will reward with Treasure Hunter Keys. All quests will reward 2 keys.

It's well worth checking if you have and quick and easy quests to clean up to earn some keys.

Buy with Oddments

You can also use Oddments, which are earned from using your daily Treasure Hunter Keys, to purchase even more keys!

runescape oddments marketplace
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Only 30 can be purchased each day and the base cost is 450 Oddments meaning it takes a long time to build up the time to pay for 30 in one day. There will be periodic sales where the keys can be heavily discounted so it's worth waiting for a sale to buy any.

Skilling & Killing

Keys can be earned by killing virtually any monster in-game although they are a rare drop.

Likewise, you can earn keys just by skilling, even if using protean items, but this is quite infrequent.

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