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Zenless Zone Zero Gameplay Trailer revealed during Summer Games Fest 2022

Anby Debara from the Genthe House in Zenless Zone Zero

Hoyoverse held a brief presentation during this year's Summer Game Fest. Unfortunately, Genshin Impact was not part of the showcased, but we did get new trailers for Honkai: Trail Rail and Zenless Zone Zero.

The Zenless Zone Zero new combat trailer, which is titled 3, 2, 1…11, is the continuation of the first video teaser released last month.

Here are all the details about the Zenless Zone Zero presentation at Summer Game Fest and what we learned about the game.

Zenless Zone Zero Combat Trailer Revealed at Summer Game Fest

The new Zenless Zone Zero trailer titled 3, 2…11 focuses on the character named 11, and the different Proxy Agencies.

The Proxies are the characters of the game, people with Dual Personalities that work as operators inside the Hollows.

The Hollows are the natural disasters that brought the collapse of civilization.

However, in New Eridu, the city in which the game takes place, they have learned to live and exploit the Hollows.

These are some details from the 3,2,1…11 Combat Trailer of ZZZ:

  • In the first part of the video, we focus on the character 11, who seems to be an officer of the Defense Force of New Eridu.
    • 11's weapon is a sword that looks like the Buster Sword of Cloud from Final Fantasy Saga.
    • The video shows 11 fighting against enemies with electronic helmets and Mecha Tanks.
  • We can see some footage of Anby Demara a Proxy member of the Agency Gentle House.
    • Anby is also a Sword Character that uses a type of blue energy in her attacks.
  • Now we know the name of the little companion of the main characters, the little robotic bunny is called Bangboo.

The trailer is a demonstration of the combat style of Zenless Zone Zero, battles with futuristic weapons on a fast-paced switching of characters. Similar to other Hoyoverse's games like Honkai and Genshin Impact.

We also see the four different Agencies that operate in the Hollows, though we don't have the names of their proxies. For now, it looks like we'll have to wait for the beta test version before we iron out any further details.

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